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  • RXWPN's Avatar
    Today, 04:46 AM
    Hi Guys, Can we use Evo clutch master cylinders on a facelift Legnum VR4? I have an aftermarket heavy duty clutch and the engagement point is right at the top of the pedal and adjusting the pushrod assembly doesn't seem to do much. I have heard that the Evo master cylinders have a larger bore and may make for a better engagement point? I have a new OEM spec Legnum master and slave cylinders just not happy with where it engages. I hope clutch isn't worn its only done under 30,000 ks and it...
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    Today, 04:16 AM
    elnevio replied to a thread Greeting From Nairobi in Newbies Area
    /Wave Nice to see some commitment to the cause! /yes Best of luck with it :2thumbsup
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  • krisshtt's Avatar
    Today, 01:00 AM
    Hey guys, I've been here since last year and apologies I never posted on the newbie area. I currently own a really beat up galant vr4 which I am really trying to restore to it's glory. I have already engaged with some of you in sourcing some parts and you have been really helpful. Thanks. Drove it for a few weeks after buying it then hell broke lose. The wiring was all messed up (always shorting fuses here and there). Few wires burnt out due to poor bypasses, left me stranded a couple of times....
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  • Woning verhu's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:35 PM
    Woning verhuren Airbnb
  • Davezj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 10:12 PM
    if we had the option of E85 we would all have the option of more power. E85 will stop knock. but need a gasket/seal changes to E85 safe seals. and a flex fuel sensor so you can use normal petrol and E85 . but this is a different topic.
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  • TAR's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:04 PM
    TAR replied to a thread Gasket suppliers in General / Questions
    Main dealer can still supply many parts. :happy:
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  • Jsa274's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:26 PM
    From what I’ve read, super unleaded will still be available in E5 form. I only put 99 RON in anyway but it’s still a pain in the arse for hundreds of thousands of older car owners.
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  • russhowe's Avatar
    Yesterday, 01:40 PM
    After stumbling across an article in the Express about the blend of petrol changes, im slightly concerned about the future for us and being able to fuel our cars The newer grade E10 (10% Ethanol) will be sold alongside the current E5 (5%) but only for about 5 years. So this would take us up to 2026. Does anyone have any insight as to how our cars would react to these fuel changes? Pinking/knocking was mentioned which I know isn't good, I imagine the ecu will react to that as much as it...
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  • sonnick84's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:11 AM
    sonnick84 posted a visitor message on sonnick84's profile
    Для запуска любого проекта в интернете требуется хостинг. Готовых решений сегодня масса для самых разных ситуаций. Начать можно вовсе с бесплатного, а в перспективе однозначно следует подобрать решение с хорошей скоростью и достаточным объемом для контента. Уже сейчас можно найти дешевый хостинг на дисках SSD, который можно рекомендовать, как для информационного интернет-сайта, так и для электронного магазина. Отдельно разобрали сколько стоит VPS Франция. Для воплощения более тяжелых...
  • gazz's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:09 AM
    gazz replied to a thread Gasket suppliers in General / Questions
    Don't panic. One of the Facebook groups has pointed me to viamoto. So all sorted now.
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  • bacbip88's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:04 AM
    bacbip88 posted a visitor message on bacbip88's profile
    My gấp quần o Foldimate c thể gấp trung bnh từ 20-40 mn đồ chỉ trong vng 2-4 pht. My cũng c khả năng cảm nhận độ dy của vải v kch thước mn đồ để điều chỉnh cch gấp ph hợp. Tuy nhin, bạn sẽ phải lồng từng mn đồ một vo khung my thay v nm vo ngăn ko như Laundroid.
  • Salvo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:34 AM
    Just spotted a p reg legnum in light grey near greyhound roundabout. Beeped a couple of times but ignored me, maybe still half asleep 😄
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  • gazz's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 11:52 PM
    After a 5 year hibernation, I have decided to drag the old girl out for a bit of tlc! I also need to replace the front manifold and turbo, which I have started stripping off today. I need to get a manifold gasket and a turbo flange gasket, but I can't remember the goto parts suppliers! Thanks everyone.
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  • V6Andy's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 11:25 PM
    I did check the mot and was aware it was out I just hope someone’s took it off the road to do some work and not crashed it as it was mint with full history, 2 previous keepers and every reciept for work and little things like bulbs and had engine bits, new clutch and flywheel, brakes...... basically over a 1500 spent on it 6 months before I sold it and that’s not including the 700 custom exhaust system. I hope someone knows where it is I really do.
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  • Davezj's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 05:57 PM
    yeh, as long as the turbo/turbos are size correctly there does not seem to be that much difference, apart from correctly sized twins seem to handle the back pressure issue a little better but go to big on the twins and spool suffers. even if they revatively smaller than the big single. i would love to have a definitive answer to the CFM flow of our heads and the flow at different valve lift that would go along way to suggesting what the max power would be with the correctly sized turbos. ...
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  • Confused's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 04:14 PM
    Interesting video, Dave! Conclusion of "size your turbo(s) right and there's little difference between twins and a single"
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  • MarkSanne's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 12:08 PM
    It's a nice series Gary, keep going!
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  • Confused's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 11:04 AM
    Episode 11 of Garry's Garage is live! I didn't realise at the time that this was the start of quite a large rabbit hole I have led myself down!
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  • Davezj's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 09:07 AM
    Davezj replied to a thread Running rich in Engine
    there will be no direct route through the cylinder for the pressure to escape, unless you are really unlucky and set the engine to a position where you are right on the overlap between the exhaust valve closing and inlet valve opening, but i don't think our engines have the cam timing setup to run lots of valve overlap so you will be OK. Either the cylinders will have the exhaust valves open and inlet closed or inlet valves open and exhaust closed or both sets of valves closed. so pressure...
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  • Davezj's Avatar
    06-07-2020, 07:42 AM
    here is another single vs twin with a slightly different take on it.
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  • Jsa274's Avatar
    05-07-2020, 04:10 PM
    MOT expired in March this year, doesn’t look like there’s been an attempt to test it.
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  • Nick Mann's Avatar
    05-07-2020, 08:52 AM
    There are very few active members on here now with V6 versions. Good luck in your search! I'll keep my eyes open.
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  • Nick Mann's Avatar
    05-07-2020, 08:49 AM
    Nick Mann replied to a thread Back in Jap! in General Chat
    Wow. I have to echo Tim, what a review! We are becoming more and more certain that an ev will make an appearance here within a few years. My job has recently changed and I have a V8 itch to scratch before I turn my back on petrol, but it is nice to see electric becoming more accessible and more exciting. The first Tesla I saw was a model S a fair few years ago at Goodwood festival of speed. I watched silently roll out of the pits and then silently disappear up the hill faster than a lot of the...
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