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  • russhowe's Avatar
    18-04-2021, 02:31 PM
    My legnum doesn't have roof rails. Is it possible to fit them myself? Where do they fix to? I dont fancy drilling holes in the roof though, so if that's the case then I'll leave the car as it is Thanks
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  • bronzeboy's Avatar
    09-04-2021, 05:14 PM
    Just a quick hi from the land of gumboots and sheep NZ.. Hope all is well
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  • LegnumPower's Avatar
    13-04-2021, 04:17 PM
    My speedo sometimes stops working completely, or the speed starts rising with the revs, and then the gearbox goes into limp mode. I fiddled around a bit with the cable going to the gearbox output sensor, and it worked for a while, but after hitting a bump the poblem comes back. I'm thinking the problem is in the cable or connector of the output sensor, but are there any other obvious places where the fault might be?
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  • andyp_fto's Avatar
    19-04-2021, 11:07 AM
    Hello all, I've been 'lurking about' on this group on and off for years....Had a few UK V6 Galants and aspired to a VR4.. I've been involved with FTOs for years having owned about 30 of them and having 7 up my drive/s at present but love the Galant/Legnum too. So finally decided to take the plunge and was budgeting between £5-6,000 for one with main aim of finding one without a 'rotten bottom'. So a few weeks ago I finally managed to find a rot free PFL Legnum Type S in Trigger Mauve...
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  • Oath's Avatar
    08-04-2021, 08:58 PM
    Hi all. Wondering if anyone was breaking a VR4 or happened to have one of these gathering dust on a shelf anywhere? It's the large ECU tucked up by the passengers left knee. Would also appreciate any tips if people happen to know good ways of getting it in and out without having to remove all the cabin air system! Thanks for your help.
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  • Konrad3421's Avatar
    10-04-2021, 08:36 PM
    Someone tryed to do something big with NA engine? I would try to put forged pistons and then supercharger, but there is no many aftermarket parts. Someone tryed this set ?
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  • andyp_fto's Avatar
    27-04-2021, 11:22 AM
    Hello all.... I have just removed fairly carefully...A full TAN leather interior from my 1996 Legnum Type S 'project' in favour of the now fitted luxurious BLACK leather from a UK V6..... In the next couple of weeks the donor V6 estate will be going to scrap car heaven filled with every bit I no longer require so if anyone needs any TAN leather type trim it is FREE for anyone that wants to COLLECT (Purely because I am short of time to organise shipping etc.) complete with half wood...
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  • andyp_fto's Avatar
    24-04-2021, 10:14 PM
    Hi middle of an engine swap and the Bypass valve has been damaged by previous owner and blanked off !!!! Looking for replacememt...want to keep standard for now (upgrades planned for the faulty engine coming out). Does anyone have an OEM valve/know where I can get one OR ....I know Evo ones (8MR etc) fit but are they 'pressure set' correctly for the VR4?.. THANKS
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  • Jsa274's Avatar
    21-04-2021, 02:52 PM
    I'm looking to buy a second hand high pressure AC Pipe which runs from the receiver to the bulkhead, as mine has a leak. Due to the pipe being frail I'd rather collect than risk it being destroyed by a courier, I live in Notts. If you live vaguely near Notts and you have a spare high pressure refrigerant pipe that is known to be leak-free, please let me know. Cheers, Jamie
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  • fylfot's Avatar
    19-04-2021, 06:01 PM
    So i suspect that my inner cv joint (drivers side) maybe shot, as there's a bad vibration on acceleration (2.5v6 galant manual 2002), but i can't find any driveshafts or inner joints on ebay etc. Does anyone know if there's other cars that use the same joint or if the joint can be stripped and the internal bearings sourced and replaced? Surely i don't have to scrap my car just because the driveshaft is shot? Cheers.
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  • russhowe's Avatar
    18-04-2021, 02:29 PM
    Does anyone have a known good wiper motor? Mine works but it seems quite slow? I'm happy to strip it down and re-grease the 'gearbox' in it and the linkages but I'd rather have a replacement incase I screw something up. Last one I took apart was on the rear of a mk4 vw golf about 10years ago ha ha
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  • Marxus's Avatar
    30-04-2021, 06:23 PM
    Hello guys, as stated in the title: I am looking for the black leather door cards for RHD. Shipping would go to Austria. I would even buy "half" ones. Basically I only need the part where the switches are fitted into. Why? I had LHD leather and RHD cloth pieces. I let the saddler remove the fabric of the RHD, put leather on those parts and fitted the leather panels from the LHD onto the RHD. But it is not original and it already starts peeling off after 2 years. I don't know about...
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  • shahzaibmali's Avatar
    07-04-2021, 09:15 AM
    shahzaibmali started a thread New Member in Newbies Area
    Hello, guys I m a new member of this forum.
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  • 94000 Miles's Avatar
    04-05-2021, 01:00 AM
    Hi all, Can someone start a new thread in the Resource Library say under "Articles Library" for the "VR4 Power Steering Rack Overhaul" I've just finished the guide and haven't permission to "post new threads" Once done I'll post in there the PDF guide. It's 24Mb Kev
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  • JWerts74's Avatar
    Today, 01:14 PM
    Hi guys so I'm moving house next week and haven't touched the old girl in a while so decided to prepare her for the move. Now I unfortunately have broken a wrist and torn at least a few ligaments in my knee so I had my mum help me......... This is where the problem is she connected the jump leads ,I think we can see where this is going, turns out she put them the wrong way round. So the extent of the damage so far seems to be limited to the large 120A fuse for the battery.I've had a quick look...
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  • Wouter's Avatar
    16-04-2021, 07:21 PM
    As the subject states.... I'm after a manual box..... I've tried stealing Nick Mann's but he keeps his garage locked!
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  • Yetello's Avatar
    16-04-2021, 04:20 PM
    Hello Galant/Legnum Enthousiasts In my ever lasting quest to find the correct ETACS ECU for my car I finally have a lead that's pointing me towards New Zealand. Let me Explain myself, I am fully restoring an EA2A Galant and wanted to put as many OEM factory options on the car. In the workshop manuals and wiring diagrams I came across the Factory Theft Alarm system. Nice to have and it will arm with your standard OEM Remote from the keyless entry system. All I needed was an ETACS ECU...
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  • parm's Avatar
    15-04-2021, 12:19 PM
    got parts, delete thread.
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  • parm's Avatar
    23-04-2021, 06:34 PM
    Hi, As Nick Mann does not sell and manufacture these adapters anymore, and i was in need - so i made one for myself and if someone is interested, i have currently one extra for sale. If you need 28,5mm length bolts MD176199 (OE 6A13TT flywheel bolts are 18mm), i can add (if they are available from dealer) them extra for 30eur. 50eur + shipping, will ship anywhere you need
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  • LegnumPower's Avatar
    Today, 10:31 PM
    Is there any place where to buy the rear propshaft bearing for the Legnum (MR246695), now that Mitsubishi has discontinued the part?
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