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  • gixer599's Avatar
    07-09-2023, 07:51 PM
    gixer599 started a thread Why? in General / Questions
    Why are so many garages scared to work on our car, No garage in my area will do the timing belt on my car, even got an evo specialist and he won't do it. There are more difficult cars about to do the work on.
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  • PunkyB's Avatar
    05-09-2023, 08:41 PM
    Hi All, Really pleased to have joined the forum because of the amazing amount of information and knowledge shared. A few months back I purchased a 2003 Galant Equippe 2.4GDI Estate. I was on eBay looking at Subaru Legacy's and stumbled across the advert. As soon as I saw it I knew she was for me. So I drove over 6 hours to be presented with such a beautiful car that has clearly been loved and cared for, the service and vehicle history is unbelievably detailed. Only 96k on the clock too. I...
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  • Marxus's Avatar
    10-09-2023, 08:31 PM
    Hey guys! I am looking for a wideband o2 sensor, found out a lot of you are using the PLX SM-AFR, but according to the website it had been discontinued. I don't want one that I need to calibrate once in a while like I read about the Innovate ones. I am more of the fire and forget guy, even if it takes just 15 seconds. I know myself and I would never do it :D Will be hooked up to my UTCOMP. Therefore an explicit gauge will not be needed. Is there something else you could recommend? KR
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  • Judder's Avatar
    20-09-2023, 11:43 PM
    Judder started a thread Import or sell? in General Chat
    Hi all and a conundrum I think I have the answer to but would appreciate any words of advice... My VR4 Gallant has been happily stored in a dry garage in Ireland for the last 5 years or so but that has now gone so I am contemplating importing in to the UK instead To sell it in Ireland is tough as the insurance is nuts (1,000 Euro + a year for me!) and the road tax is crazy because of the engine size, and seeing as I have sympathetically resorted the car since I had it the £700 or so to...
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  • Marxus's Avatar
    10-09-2023, 08:22 PM
    Hey hive-intelligence! I was already looking the forum with only little luck. As the title says, I would look for an 3" high flow cat, as de-cat is not an option. I think I have read somewhere that EVO6 3" cats are plug and play, but I cannot find the thread anymore! Can somebody confirm? Or name some alternatives? And is someone doing downpipes? fassi1 is not active anymore as far as I have seen. I have found something here but I am not sure if that is a serious offer: ...
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  • AusSarah's Avatar
    12-09-2023, 10:35 AM
    HI All, I have had my Galant VR4 for around 20 years! However, it has been out of action for about 2 years. I stopped driving it as it had a water leak near the bottom on the engine bay (not the radiator) and now i would like to get it fixed and driveable again. Couple of queries for the forum: 1) What are the best steps to get the car started again after such a long downtime? 2) Any theories on what the water leak is - i suspect a water pump leak but not sure? 3) Anyone know where i...
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  • petkin's Avatar
    17-09-2023, 02:51 PM
    Hello! WTB Leather steering wheel for Legnum! -Petri +358408211263 Helsinki, Finland.
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  • marvgen's Avatar
    09-09-2023, 10:51 AM Hi, it's the hard plastic air duct that attaches to the elbow at the back of the air cleaner and goes around the back of the oil filter. Cheers.
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  • Marxus's Avatar
    01-10-2023, 01:18 PM
    Marxus replied to a thread Poly bushes in General / Questions
    Thank you for sharing that info! All my rear bushings have cracks. I cannot find the trailing arms anywhere and they are not produced anymore. As well as some other arms.. Therefore I am also considering buying this kit. And buying all the (deliverable) arms is very expensive.. (over 1300 Euro in my amayama cart, with customs + taxes still to be paid.. I will end up somewhere at 1500 I guess). The trailing arm from our VR-4s are not the same as with the euro Galants. Probably thats why they...
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  • Kryndon's Avatar
    01-10-2023, 06:46 AM
    Kryndon replied to a thread Poly bushes in General / Questions
    Hey Lukas, Yes some of the bushings from the kit were fitted to our car and we took it home earlier this week. There were a couple problems, mind you I wasn't the one doing the replacement but a very reputable Mitsu shop and friend of mine. What they ended up using from the kit were the 3 rear knuckle bushings and the two big red rear trailing arm bushings which had to be turned down on a lathe to fit. Apparently the rest of the control arms had issues with the balljoints so they ended up...
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  • sonnick84's Avatar
    30-09-2023, 08:22 PM
    sonnick84 posted a visitor message on sonnick84's profile
    Если выбрать решите нашу компанию, вы сможете: • Получить широкий спектр необходимых услуг; • Выбрать VPS сервера или же бюджетный хостинг; • Подобрать домен. Помимо этого всего клиенты отмечают в большинстве случаев комфортные расценки и отличный аптайм. На текущий момент нашими услугами пользуются активно клиенты, если им требуется vps/vds хостинг в беларуси, а так же новички, желающие получить комфортные условия по минимальной цене. Стремясь сформировать на самом деле...
  • Oudi's Avatar
    30-09-2023, 02:11 PM
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  • sonnick84's Avatar
    30-09-2023, 07:45 AM
    sonnick84 posted a visitor message on sonnick84's profile
    Думаете приобрести сувениры с готовым уже дизайном? Наш магазин предлагает огромный выбор подобной продукции, причем действительно отличного качества, ну а цена вам точно понравится! Прежде, когда заказчик думал найти классные сувениры с лого, ему приходилось расходовать уйму времени на поиск надежного онлайн-магазина, что может предоставить широкий ассортимент и выгодные цены. Теперь все стало гораздо легче, потому что в случае если кого-то интересует брендированная упаковка, он хорошо...
  • Marxus's Avatar
    29-09-2023, 09:05 PM
    Marxus replied to a thread Poly bushes in General / Questions
    Hey Kryndon, did you already fit your kit? Want to share some thoughts on it?
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  • sonnick84's Avatar
    28-09-2023, 10:54 AM
    sonnick84 posted a visitor message on sonnick84's profile
    На территории России живет много самых разных национальностей. Тем не менее как утверждают историки, самый знаменитый народ России - мордовская диаспора! Вы попали на специальный сайт, который сделан был совсем недавно, однако имеет огромное количество увлекательных статей и материалов по теме Мордовии. Сформировано пять основных разделов, в которых сможете узнать всю необходимую информацию: • Текущие контакты; • О фонде; • Традиции; • Актуальные проекты; • Фото галерея. В...
  • sonnick84's Avatar
    28-09-2023, 08:55 AM
    sonnick84 posted a visitor message on sonnick84's profile
    Каждый человек в наше время думает как же добиться счастья и в случае если его спросить, опишет в действительности правильные вещи: ЗОЖ, дети, увлекательная работа, семья, саморазвитие, хобби. Однако в большинстве случаев люди, пытаясь добиться счастья, назначают в приоритет лишь три главные вещи: • Финансы; • Внешность; • Харизму. По итогу упускается счастье, красивые и яркие чувства, хорошие друзья и дружная семья. Становятся в основе финансы и силы расходуются лишь на их добычу....
  • Louis's Avatar
    26-09-2023, 08:44 PM
    Louis replied to a thread Front inner CV in UK Chat
    Well done Andy, That is very good news, and I will buy a couple to stick on the shelf :) please update once you know they have them for sale, cheers Louis
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  • wantavr4's Avatar
    26-09-2023, 08:04 AM
    wantavr4 replied to a thread Import or sell? in General Chat
    If it is on Irish plates and it is for sale I would be very interested too. My last vr4 was cheaper to insure than a 1.4 Corolla.
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  • Adrian Flux Insurance's Avatar
    23-09-2023, 08:21 PM
    Hi. If you ever need any help with insurance in the UK then please feel free to drop me a line. Regards, Dan.
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