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  • SAF68's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:05 PM
    Davezj, You are the MAN!!! Thank's a lot! I ordered the MD336729 .. When i'll receive the piston, i'll send to the compagny to make forged piston with O/Size 0.50 Saf
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  • monoblmo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:39 AM
    monoblmo posted a visitor message on monoblmo's profile
    Что же нам необходимо для этого? Для начала, нужно чётко понимать свои доходы и финансовые расходы. Далее мы должны научиться грамотно планировать распределение средства, чтобы иметь возможность накапливать хоть какой-то капитал. Стоит знать, что текущий капитал - это именно то, что мы тратим на текущие потребности и зарабатываем. Задача такого вида капитала - именно в обеспечении текущих потребностей (заправки, жильё, еда и т.д.). Накопленные средства, которые можно отложить или подобные...
  • Davezj's Avatar
    28-09-2022, 10:40 PM
    I will have to check, but from what I remember the 3 different pistons are for 3 different sizes One will be standard size. One will be 0.5mm over size. One will be 1.0mm over size. Off the top of my head I can't remember which is which but I will see if I have the info. sorry i miss read your message. yes there does seem to be 3 different standard pistons. STD A
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  • Andygarnett's Avatar
    27-09-2022, 07:27 AM
    Open to offers, unfortunately it has to go.
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  • Louis's Avatar
    26-09-2022, 01:39 PM
    Hi Saf, I loved it up on the Megazip parts site, which I use for parts, and it comes up on there. But it lists the same part number for the V6 non turbo!. I would have thought that the turbo piston and the non turbo piston would have been different shape for compression?, but maybe they are the same?, anyone know? link to page and info on what models etc use this part number piston and pin:
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  • howardalex's Avatar
    25-09-2022, 11:14 AM
    Oh also included.... Brand new £200 700x600 by whatever intercooler from turbozentrum Blitz induction kit that I had fitted for around a week and changed my mind A couple of quarts of ATF fluid and 0w-30, they're amsoil The hoses recommend in the staged upgrades list, again never fitted like the intercooler Alpine speakers for the front, never got round to fitting them, it's the set with tweeters, think they were £100 and something
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  • howardalex's Avatar
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  • howardalex's Avatar
    25-09-2022, 11:08 AM There's a quick walk around video I've done Also hope you fellas don't mind me tagging you adaxo Davezj Just figured I'd tag you in case you want first dibs haha
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  • howardalex's Avatar
    25-09-2022, 11:05 AM
    Car Details Car: Mitsubishi galant vr4 Year: 2001 Colour: Indigo Blue Transmission: Automatic Mileage Total: 97334 M.O.T. Expiry Date: 14 February 2023
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  • babasvr4's Avatar
    24-09-2022, 11:40 PM
    Try this one from a Lancer. MR527312, not sure the length and connector will suit but cut and join should be fine. I've done this with 2 of mine. They're all the same value, just ensure the mounting hole is correct.
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  • SAF68's Avatar
    24-09-2022, 04:44 PM
    Hi all, Now i can't wait to received pistons, I don't want to waste too much time, so I decided to order a new one to send. However, Mitsubishi offers 3 references MD336729 MD336730
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  • mxc357's Avatar
    23-09-2022, 06:53 PM
    I am also wondering if someone can help me read and understand my logs. I have a 97 Legnum in the US. I recently had the timing belt, water pump and seals replaced. Here is a scan I did today. No WOT on this log. I will post another one tonight with WOT. Thanks in advance for all your help. Here is the log with WOT.
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