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  • nutty1's Avatar
    31-10-2020, 07:55 PM
    nutty1 started a thread Rear subframe bushes in Suspension
    Hi all, does anyone no where i can get some rear subrame mounting bushes? After 4 years in one place i need to get the ole vr4 going again. Mitsubishi dont list them so unfortunately no part number. Any help gratefully received Cheers
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  • Davezj's Avatar
    24-11-2020, 01:35 PM
    Hi All, i have never found one in any boost control pipe work i have looked at. but i have not owned a VR4 from new so any of the previous owner could have removed it for some reason. the restrictor pill is designed to limit the volume of boosted air that actually goes to the boost solenoid and the wastegate actuators. It does not limit the boost pressure getting there just the volume. so when the boost solenoid bleeds off some of the pressure it is not immediately replaced by more...
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  • Pwhite's Avatar
    15-11-2020, 04:13 PM
    Afternoon all, I’m currently on the search for some piston rings MD336736 for the 6a13tt. They are sort of available from amayama but with a delivery time of between dec and feb. Ideally need them sooner as need to get the engine rebuilt and running before then. If anyone has a set for sale please let me know. Thanks in advance.
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  • Prodrive8's Avatar
    01-11-2020, 03:36 PM
    Hi All, Well I've used the search feature on here for hours now and not come across this topic, but I bet it has been covered a few times already, just cannot find it! I have a 2000 Legnum VR4 Type S with auto gearbox and I'd like to convert the speedo from reading in kilometres to read in Miles per hour. I'm pretty familiar with the conversion chips and I have one here ready to fit but what I cannot find is the information with regards to which wire at the cluster connector I...
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  • Davezj's Avatar
    25-11-2020, 12:23 PM
    Hi guys, came accross this and i dont have one of these fitted to my engine and i never seen one fitted to a 6A13TT engine. Timing belt spacer I am hoping this is an error in the online parts catalogue for our 6a13TT engine.
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  • dazjb's Avatar
    12-11-2020, 07:23 PM
    I'm planning a single turbo conversion over the winter and getting a bit confused over the different turbos, housing sizes, etc. What is a recommended turbo for our engines for around 400bhp without a massive amount of lag? I don't want to be spending 2k on a turbo though, I'm hoping the whole installation won't cost that seeing as I already have a standalone ecu fitted and I'll be doing nearly all the work myself. Was looking at the Holset HX35 but not sure what housing size is best +...
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  • TARIQ's Avatar
    24-11-2020, 03:17 PM
    Looking for transfer case
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  • cychang's Avatar
    25-11-2020, 07:43 AM
    cychang started a thread Ce28n rays in General / Questions
    CE28N RAYS, 17 inch, 7.5J ET 50.5/100 Can this size of alloy wheels fit into a 1997 VR-4? Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Grid's Avatar
    06-11-2020, 09:15 AM
    They originally came from TME Steve. 310GBP shipped to UK. They did about 5k miles on my other car (2JZ RX-8) so are like new. These are Sonic Performance (Australia) injectors, which are modified Bosch injectors to be E85 compatible.
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  • Adrian Flux Insurance's Avatar
    20-11-2020, 02:17 PM
    Hi, I can now confirm our seasonal opening hours, as follows: Up to and inc 23rd: Normal Hours Christmas Eve: 9.00am – 1.00pm Christmas Day: Closed Boxing Day: Closed Sunday 27th December: Closed Monday28th December: Closed Tuesday 29th December: Normal Hours
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  • dazjb's Avatar
    22-11-2020, 08:31 PM
    What is the going rate for a pair of VR4 turbos? I have two here which I have removed as I'm going to a single but I don't know what they sell for. In good condition, no play on the shafts and no smoking. I was running 1 bar with them Sent from my LYA-L09 using Tapatalk
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  • jahooli's Avatar
    Today, 02:45 PM
    Hi, I have done lots of searching and Adaxo sent me to a great post explaining the coil pack conversion but I dont think he realised I have the brain of a toddler. Could someone talk me through how I do the coil pack conversion from the beginning, Starting from opening the bonnet, like you are talking to a toddler. SO far I understand I have to buy 6 Honda coil packs, which i think sit directly on my existing plugs, then somehow wire them to the loom that currently connects to my...
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  • Kalish1's Avatar
    Today, 04:39 PM
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  • sonnick84's Avatar
    Today, 04:02 PM
    sonnick84 posted a visitor message on sonnick84's profile
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  • TARIQ's Avatar
    Today, 12:15 PM
    The whole working transfer box
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  • adaxo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:29 PM
    It was definitely in my engine while I was there
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  • adaxo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:21 PM
    Yes Dave there is a pill in red pipe.
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  • adaxo's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:18 PM
    I also found this video very helpful with sum up what's written here But im still looking for my boost as since my rebuild I run wastegate boost only and cant find reason of it, triple checked pipes connections and swap 3 solenoids, no luck so far.
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