UK ralliart Legnum vr4

Mitsubishi legnum vr4 ralliart, automatic with tiptronic, year 2000, Trigger mauve (P) T08 colour code, red/black steering wheel and handbrake lever, recaro red interior. I purchased the car in February 2018 from a club member with a fraudulent mot, it had 0 advisories but was clear when I took it for an mot that the corrosion had been there for a long time maybe even a few years, by the time I got to London after a day of work it was pouring down which put me off going under the car on the ground, I took a lamp with me to check it out but excitement and trust got the better of me, I handed over the cash and drove home, the car felt very strange after i got used to it like it had 2 shopping trolley wheels on the rear, when I looked the links arms etc had snapped off the subframe due to rust, pictures can be found in my other album, gutted is an understatement, I'm currently saving up to try and keep the car and get it fully respray and protected properly.
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  3. Will change the steering wheel and handbrake lever for black at some point
  4. Hoping to go single turbo gt2871r with v band inlet and out let on the exhaust side.
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  6. Wheels will be either refurbished or swapped for 18" bola b1 alloy wheel in bronze
  7. Bonnet will be colour coded to same colour as the rest of the body.
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