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  1. WTB: VR4 Front Bumper.
  2. WTB Rear LSD/diff or S-AYC
  3. WTB Facelift VR4 LEgnum
  4. FS Recaros
  5. WTB Facelift Legnum rear bumper
  6. FS Parting out complete 96 vr4 auto- white
  7. 99 vr4 s parting out
  8. 2 X Legnum VR4's FL/PFL
  9. FS Cusco Vacanza Coilover suspension
  10. Cheap bits.
  11. FS Pro ICE ignition leads (spark plug leads)
  12. WTB Prefacelift Galant Left Hand Tail Lamp
  13. FS Greddy style bov - Recric
  14. WTB Wheel nuts x8
  15. WTB Manual gearset
  16. FS 3" Cat-Back Exhaust System
  17. FS Galant/Legnum VR-4 factory strut brace - Hamilton
  18. Items for Sale
  19. WTB A couple of bits
  20. Religously looking for this please
  21. Legnum Tiptronic Gearbox
  22. GB SoCal Autowerks
  23. SOLD Manual Leather Gearknob
  24. WTB Any 17's or 18's
  25. WTB Auto Trans + Fitting
  26. FS Tein Adjustables + Jasma Exhaust on TM
  27. FS Evo 5 Brembo front callipers and facelift carriers
  28. FS Fujitsubo Giken Muffler
  29. WTB Damaged Mirrors
  30. FS bunch of stuff i no longer need
  31. FS Cyber 2 Galant Rear Kit
  32. WTB Driver Side Top/Front Engine Mount
  33. WTB Urgently Need
  34. WTB airflow meter, and air pressure sensor - EC5W
  35. WTB Alternator
  36. FS Prefacelift VR-4 Front Bumper (Trigger Mauve)
  37. FS 6a13tt, Engine
  38. SOLD 5speed Manual Gearbox, Longer 1st and 2nd gears, new bearings
  39. FS OS Giken twin plate racing clutch, Chrome alloy flywheel, slave and push pull kit
  40. FS FS - Evo 6 ECU - Creative Sports Tuned in Japan
  41. WTB Pre-facelift brakes
  42. WTB Facelift VR4 ECU
  43. FS AFM/MAF Air flow meter
  44. WTB Aftermarket Front Grille
  45. FS Full tan leather interior + parting out
  46. WTB Facelift Legnum Rear Bumper skin
  47. FS Carbon Fibre style centre console
  48. WTB 4G63 motor wanted
  49. EVO 7 Alloy mags + tyres
  50. SOLD Blitz Super Sound BOV
  51. Trademe Finds..
  52. EOI PFL pre intercooler pipe
  53. WTB Manual transmission
  54. WTB PFL spotlight surround(s)
  55. WTB Shifter to gearbox selector cable
  56. WTB Short shift kit!
  57. WTB (Borrow) FL hub carrier
  58. EOI Rockford Fosgate subs and Panasonic amp
  59. FS Aftermarket 2" into 3" downpies and decat for 6a13tt
  60. FS Factory Airbox
  61. FS HKS Panelfilter
  62. FS Engine
  63. FS Engine parts
  64. WTB Prefacelift vr4 bumper
  65. FS GFB MACH 1 Blow Off Valve
  66. 60mm Defi Gauge set
  67. WTB Jamex Super Low Springs
  68. WTB stiffer springs
  69. Wrecking legnum
  70. WTB Front end nolathane bushes
  71. EOI: rocker covers in inlet plenum
  72. FS FS: Few Bits
  73. WTB Parts for manul conversion
  74. WTB Bosch wideband sensor
  75. WTB Front Grille
  76. WTB Front bank exhaust cam pulley/wheel
  77. WTB Intercooler setup
  78. WTB PFL Front bumper, A/C condenser
  79. FS Innovate LC-1 wideband controller
  80. EOI Chrome Hard Piping Kit
  81. HELP/WTB spring dividers
  82. FS HKS Super Sequential Blow Off Valve
  83. Group Buy - GM 3 port solenoid
  84. WTB W5M33 7G VR-4 Gearbox Wanted
  85. FS Various Legnum bits
  86. Anyone got a spare rear window piece?
  87. WTB Rear Wheel Bearing
  88. FS Anybody need some new front Teins?
  89. EOI Fujitsubo Giken Legalis R Type Evolution
  90. WTB VR4 Front Strut Brace
  91. WTB fog light switch
  92. FS Air box
  93. WTB Full cambelt kit
  94. WTB left and right exhaust bumper caps for FL bumper
  95. WTB VR4 Passanger Mirror
  96. SOLD VR4 airbox and intake pipe
  97. SOLD MBC - ready to install
  98. SOLD VR4 Standard Radiator and fans, (auto or manual)
  99. SOLD 3" Cat-Back Exhaust System - PRICE DROPPED!!!
  100. SOLD Pre facelift drivers side lower IC pipe
  101. EOI HID Cibie Headlights
  102. WTB Internal front loom (the big one, must have come off car with sunroof)
  103. WTB 97 tiptronic gearbox
  104. WTB Camshafts
  105. FS Left hand tail light - PFL Galant
  106. WTB knock sensor
  107. FS Galant Wind Deflectors - New
  108. Jamex Adjustys
  109. WTB Manual 6a13TT parts
  110. FS Wrecking Legnum 97 Tiptronic
  111. WTB Front turbo
  112. FS Evo Brembo anti-squeel Shims (front and rear)
  113. SOLD Exact Stainless Braided Brake lines Suit 8th gen legnum/galant
  114. WTB Facelift 1999+ VR4 Computer
  115. Wanted: Engine Parts
  116. SORTED : Chrome centre grill
  117. EOI Fujitsubo 3" Catback Exhaust
  118. FS OS Giken twin plate clutch, flywheel and push / converter!
  119. FS King springs lowering set-up EC5W
  120. FS Air filter induction kit
  121. FS K&N Rampod Air Cleaner For Legnum
  122. Wanted parts ec5w
  123. FS Legnum COTY Black Leather Interior
  124. FS Evo 7 Momo Steering Wheel
  125. WTB Tein coilover adjusting spanner + damper tool
  126. WTB Boot interior for 97 Galant
  127. SOLD 6A13TT VR4 Heads (complete)
  128. FS Custom Front Bumper
  129. FS Boost guage
  130. EOI GROUP BUY: 264 degree cam regrinds
  131. SOLD 5 stud PFL Alloys
  132. FS VR4 front bumper including spots and tow hook
  133. WTB WTD Facelift front bumper tow hook cover
  134. FS odd parts i need rid of
  135. SOLD Recaro Front Seats for Legnum / Galant
  136. FS Fujitsubo Exhaust
  137. WTB 98 Pre Facelift rear bumper for legnum wagon
  138. FS Evo RS Plate LSD Carrier
  139. FS Fujitsubo 3" cat back exhaust
  140. FS PFL front bumper
  141. SOLD STR open diff and axles
  142. SOLD Legnum Wind Deflector set
  143. WTB VR4 oil sump
  144. FS Legnum VR4 lowering suspension
  145. WTB Wheel arch extensions
  146. FS selling spares to fund build
  147. EOI PFL flashable ECU
  148. FS Tein h.a adjustable coilovers
  149. FS FS: Evo X wheels and tyres
  150. FS Almost everything!
  151. WTB Top Rad Hose 4 EC5W
  152. FS stock exhaust manifolds
  153. FS de-tango'd head lights
  154. FS PFL white legnum exterior parts
  155. SOLD engine cover
  156. FS pfl legnum interior
  157. WTB Carbon Fiber evo Style bonnet
  158. EOI Custom 10lb one Piece Flywheel & Exedy Cushoned Button Clutch
  159. FS Custom 10lb (5.5kg) single piece flywheel
  160. WTB Manual loom
  161. SOLD Cusco Rear Strut Brace for Legnum
  162. WTB Standard Flywheel
  163. EOI Potentially all FL VR4 Legnum parts
  164. FS 2 x Turbos, great condition, VR4 Legnum
  165. WTB Tow Bar
  166. FS carbon console
  167. WTB V type rear diff
  168. FS Front doors
  169. WTB Rubber gasket/seal thing that goes on the throttle body
  170. WTB Mint Engine Cover
  171. FS Surplus items not now required
  172. WTB FTO Rocker/Cam Cover with Sparkplug Cover
  173. EOI Group Buy : Weir Performance MaxGrip 12 plate LSD kit Suit EVO PLATE LSD's
  174. EOI Forged conrods
  175. Cleaning out the garage
  176. ****n broken into need window (quater light window does anyone have any tintted?)
  177. BOUGHT pre-facelift vr4 tow hook cover. (damaged ok)
  178. FS Black Leather Interior for sale on Trademe
  179. WTB pre-facelift vr4 tow hook cover. (damaged ok)
  180. WTB brembo brakes for f/l legnum.
  181. FS Rear AYC drive shafts, complete with inner and outer cv's
  182. SOLD AYC pump
  183. WTB Bumper, guard, bonnet =)
  184. SOLD MH7202F flashable VR4 ECU
  185. WTB Fujitsubo Legalis R type Evolution
  186. WTB PFL brake calipers (and possibly discs)
  187. BOUGHT Throttle position sensor
  188. FS Galant VR4 EVO style FRP bonnet
  189. FS FL Recaro's
  190. For SWAP
  191. FS Front and back turbos 1998, very good
  192. WTB Factory Flywheel
  193. FS Evo 5 OZ 17in Factory Rims
  194. FS F/L '01 Discs, Calipers, Master Cyl.
  195. WTB need an o2 sensor guys
  196. WTB Fog\Driving Light Switch
  197. WTB Standard suspension
  198. FS Legnum Cobra 30mm Springs & KYB Gas Shocks
  199. FS a pair of turbos
  200. MH7202F m/t ECU
  201. Group Buy : Weir Performance MaxGrip 12 plate LSD kit Suit EVO PLATE LSD's
  202. WTB Passenger side Recaro seat Rail
  203. WTB Cat back stock exhaust
  204. WTB Std post-MAF pre-turbo y-pipe
  205. WTB A set of factory Legnum VR4 PFL 16" wheels
  206. BOUGHT wtb pfl vr4 front bumper
  207. SOLD PFL legnum rear skirts (behind rear wheels)
  208. FS VR4 Torque converter
  209. SOLD VR4 high vis dash
  210. FS wiper/indicator stalks and clock spring unit
  211. FS 8th gen Chrome grill
  212. SOLD Liberal Grill + eyelids
  213. FS rear diff input shaft flanges (for evo sayc conversion)
  214. FS vr4 fuel pump and cradle assemble
  215. FS starter motor
  216. FS rear diff mounts
  217. FS stock vr4 exhaust manifolds
  218. SOLD stock intake elbow and seal rubber
  219. FS Power Steering and Air Con pump
  220. SOLD front and rear turbos
  221. FS 100amp alternator
  222. WTB Borrow: PFL front hub carrier
  223. FS Evo 8 factory flywheel
  224. WTB Caliper assembly bolt
  225. FS 96 VR4 Legnum, Manual w/ blown motor
  226. WTB Super rear wing
  227. FS Legnum Leather Interior ( Trade Me Find )
  228. WTB Coil Pack
  229. SOLD Intercooler and piping 600x300
  230. FS Carbon centre console
  231. FS Fl hub carriers
  232. WTB Stock inlet pipe for front turbo
  233. FS Vta bov
  234. BOUGHT Ht Leads
  235. FS 7202 ECU & Complete engine loom (UNCUT)
  236. EOI Custom Cometic Head gaskets
  237. FS GAB Coilovers for sale http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=507355733
  238. FS KCRL-66 Rear King Springs to suit 97+ Galant
  239. EOI Rolling chassis various other parts
  240. FS pre facelift front bumper with fog lamps white
  241. WTB Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiings
  242. FS parcel tray for legnum
  243. WTB bigger exhaust
  244. anyone have a FL bumper fs?
  245. WTB Radiator top tank
  246. WTB Good condition leads (Auckland)
  247. WTB Facelift Grill in White
  248. WTB mitsubishi stock wheel center cap
  249. WTB FL Front Hub Carriers for Brembo upgrade
  250. WTB Air/filter box..
  251. WTB Fujitsubo cat-back system.
  252. FS Stripping Car - Lots for sale
  253. SOLD 17inch BSA mags (5x114 and 5x100 multi-fit)
  254. FS 4x225/40x18 Tyres
  255. SOLD Facelift Hub Carriers and ABS sensors, lower arms and upper A-arm
  256. EOI TD04L-13T (Subaru) kit for our vr4
  257. FS VR4 and Evo Parts
  258. FS Front camber adjustment Kit 0 to +1.5 degree
  259. SOLD SOLD: Invecs II Tiptronic box & TC
  260. FS DTM D1/Rush rims and tyres
  261. WTB New Starter Motor
  262. WTB Radiator
  263. EOI LINK G4 storm/extreme/atom ECU group buy. Whos keen!?
  264. WTB Standard Airbox Hamilton Area or post
  265. BOUGHT Urgently: front roll stopper, AKL
  266. EOI Twin TD04 13G Full custom kit
  267. WTB PFL hub carriers with bearing
  268. FS Carbon console
  269. FREE!! Legnum/galant bits, PICKUP ONLY!
  270. FS baby blue fixer upper in welly
  271. FS Stock VR4 flywheel, and 4400lb evo 7-9 clutch cover
  272. WTB Cambelt kit, waterpump etc
  273. WTB ayc diff
  274. WTB Engine Cover
  275. EOI Group Buy - Pistons
  276. WTB WTB:Towbar 2000 leggy with AYC
  277. FS aftermarket parts
  278. WTB Monsoon Shield
  279. WTB Coil Pack
  280. 2x FREE white rear doors for a legnum
  281. Looking for RVR Radiator MB924254 can anyone help?
  282. wtb fl tail lights sedan
  283. WTB centre cups for enkei evo 7 rims
  284. FS stripping my project (PLEASE DO NOT DEAL WITH)
  285. WTB PFL Front Bumper
  287. FS evo racing clutch
  288. FS aftermarket legnum wing and custom front guards
  289. FS Prism Forged rods
  290. FS Clearing out garage of spares
  291. WTB standard VR4 Legnum springs anyone .........
  292. FS Vogue Grille
  293. WTB towbar for 2000 leggie please
  294. WTB Standard Airbox
  295. FS Phoenix Gold 2/3-way crossover
  296. FS Legnum VR4 Seats and Door cards
  297. WTB FL Front Brakes & Rotors
  298. WTB Stock Legnum VR4 exhaust catback
  299. FS Random stuff
  300. WTB Stock or aftermarket frontpipes
  301. SOLD Fiberglass Monster Vented Bonnet
  302. WTB 6.5 inch components + others
  303. FS Super Automtic Gearknob
  304. EOI my 2.5-3inch intercooler piping and 300x600 3" intercooler
  305. WTB Facelift Legnum rear bumper and gas boot struts.
  306. WTB WTB: Maf sensor
  307. WTB 17" wheels wanted
  308. WTB VR4 coil packs
  309. FS heaps of pfl bits
  310. BOUGHT Facelift Front and Rear bumpers
  311. FS Legnum, Pre-Facelift vr4 rear bumper
  312. FS F/S BBS RG 17X8" 35offset
  313. WTB alternater
  314. WTB Facelift foglights and front bumper clip & Grill
  315. WTB intercooler
  316. EOI Injector Dynamics group buy
  317. WTB Short Shifter
  318. FS PFL and FL parts (Legnum VR4 and Viento)
  319. WTB Fujitsubo muffler
  320. FS 7202 Flashable ECU
  321. FS Stock 1999 Legnum VR4 Exhaust from turbos back
  322. SOLD Cams, Valve Springs and Lifters
  323. FS Bilstein B6 Shocks with Tanabe NF210 Springs
  324. FS Volk racing te37
  325. FS Garage cleanout / aftermarket parts / usefull stuff
  326. FS Monsoons
  327. FS Chrome Hardpiping For Sale
  328. EOI Radiator wanted - wtgn
  329. FS Short Shifter
  330. FS Custom Billet Camshafts Tailor made to suit you!
  331. FS Ported Cylinder heads!
  332. FS Vr4 motor
  333. WTB Carbon stereo surround and air-con controller
  334. WTB 1999 Mitsubishi galant VR4 lowering Springs
  335. WTB Rear Diff
  336. FS Standard Legnum VR4 Springs
  337. WTB Mitsubishi Shank Wheel Nuts
  338. WTB helper/ keeper springs
  339. FS Legnum/Galant parts
  340. King Springs Superlow with KYB shocks
  341. WTB Coil pack(s)
  342. WTB Bits and bobs
  343. WTB Black face genuine Defi guage
  344. WTB Std rear springs (or complete standard rear shocks)
  345. WTB PFL spotlight loom
  346. WTB Tweeterless Panels
  347. FS Set of 235/40x18 tyres
  348. WTB OEM 16" BBS VR4 rims.
  349. WTB Afm
  350. WTB WTB: VR4 front bumper
  351. FS pre face lift pearl white front bumper with foglamps
  352. WTB PFL Legnum Parts.
  353. WTB Passenger side Glass lens headlight with indicator
  354. WTB Attempted theft, need bits to fix :(
  355. FS FS: VR-4 97-02 KYB Shocks and lowering springs
  356. FS Adjustable suspension Teins
  357. FS Bilstein Shocks and Factory springs
  358. FS Legnum leather interior in black + BuddyClub P1 Racing II plus 19x8.5 +38 & tyres
  359. GPS Tracking Units
  360. FS Hks silent hi power muffler
  361. FS a heap of bits
  362. FS Pair of 225/45x17 tyres
  363. FS Manual plastic case ECU - MD340288
  364. wtb
  365. FS Having a cleanout
  366. WTB 1x 18" rim
  367. WTB Couple of things
  368. FS 96 6a13tt legnum auto trans
  369. FS Custom Galant Airride
  370. WTB e39a lsd rear diff
  371. WTB Driver's side driveshaft or ABS ring
  372. WTB vr4 legnum stock air box
  373. WTB 1997 Legnum / Galant Fog light switch
  374. WTB wtb set of mags
  375. FS Rocker cover gaskets
  376. WTB Pair Of EVO Rims
  377. WTB Pfl auto ecu
  378. WTB 88-89 Galant auto/manual trans
  379. WTB 6G Galant VR-4 engine bay loom and ECU (1990-91 models)
  380. WTB 16" Galant/Legnum VR4 factory rims
  381. WTB Legnum rear exhaust hanger bracket
  382. WTB 2.5l V6 6A13 non turbo exhaust manifolds
  383. EOI Steering Wheel and Flywheel
  384. WTB facelift auto ecu
  385. WTB Red fleck door cards and seats
  386. WTB Bov
  387. WTB Inner CV
  388. FS Parting out a legnum, recaros, Kakimoto cat-back, mags and more!
  389. WTB maf and possibly standard air box
  390. WTB Stock VR4 suspension
  391. WTB MAF sensor
  392. FS FS: Stock 8g VR4 kyb shocks with cobra springs(one collpased)
  393. FS Apexi N1 adjustable suspension
  394. WTB Power steering pump
  395. WTB Auto Transmission
  396. WTB Wheel arch extensions
  397. FS Facelift foglights
  398. FS Aftermarket exhaust system
  399. WTB 99 legnum front bumper
  400. WTB Vr4 Radiator
  401. WTB Speedometer
  402. WTB Radiator Hoses
  403. FS Full Legnum Beige Leather Interior
  404. WTB Maf
  405. FS parts clear out
  406. WTB Evo 5 style bonnet
  407. FS Full Legnum Black Leather Interior
  408. WTB New leads, Spark plugs and Wideband
  409. WTB std legnum vr4 springs
  410. FS Legnum/Galant Interior Bit's
  411. FS Full set of Facelift calipers and rotors
  412. WTB Coilovers
  413. FS various parts 7g and 8g
  414. FS Bkr6eix
  415. EOI KYB stocks with Tein Springs
  416. EOI EVO 7 rims
  417. FS VR4 MAF with air box
  418. WTB VR4 AYC steering sensor.
  419. WTB Fuel Pressure Sender Unit
  420. WTB Wtb coilovers
  421. FS Brand new Radiator Cap
  422. WTB Vr4 8G Heavy Duty clutch kit?
  423. FS Super VR4 Replica Bumper Canards
  424. WTB Leads
  425. FS Walbro 255LPH Intank Fuel Pump GSS342
  426. WTB ralliart shock
  427. EOI Legnum Parts
  428. FS Various bits and pieces (some more desirable than others :))
  429. WTB WTB: AYC Pump
  430. FS parts
  431. WTB PFL bumper centre
  432. EOI Evo 5 Front and Rear hubs with Axles
  433. FS Galant/Legnum Parts
  434. WTB E39A-002, evo 0/Monte Carlo parts.
  435. WTB Adjustable suspension wrench
  436. EOI Broken GAB coilovers
  437. WTB Aftermarket bov
  438. FS EVO 7 wheels with good 235/45 x 17 tyres
  439. Ngulfu written off so selling parts or whole car
  440. WTB Coil packs
  441. WTB Drivers Side FL Hub Carrier -Urgent!!-
  442. FS Defi Gauges for sale
  443. WTB Stock Legnum vr4 / Evo Wheels with Tyres
  444. WTB Hard piping kit (left hand side)
  445. FS Engine parts and other things
  446. WTB Facelift tailgate
  447. FS Manual Gearbox + most conversion parts
  448. SOLD Link G4 Xtreme ECU
  449. FS braided brake lines, evo rear brake lines, F+R bumpers, forged rods + more
  450. WTB Front brake rotors
  451. WTB FaceLift BLACK legnum/galant Front Bumper
  452. WTB Airflow Meter
  453. WTB Nardi steering wheel
  454. FS 11mm ARP head stud kit
  455. WTB Stock Pair of Headlights
  456. FS Ralliart shocks and springs. damper adjustable
  457. WTB Driver side wing mirror
  458. WTB Manual gearbox for vr4
  459. FS D2 adjustable suspension
  460. FS Black Leather front Seats
  461. WTB WTB Tan leather front seats
  462. WTB Cambelt/Water pump kit
  463. WTB Manual Throttle Body
  464. EOI Cibie Headlights
  465. FS Random Parts
  466. WTB Front drivers side half shaft
  467. WTB WTB rear PFL Bumper
  468. FS Evo 9 Enkei
  469. WTB Working MAF for a 97 vr4
  470. FS Evo Brembo brake calipers & discs, Tein adjustable suspension, Rear open diff
  471. WTB Wtb: Maf sensor vr4 98
  472. WTB Wtb a coil / set
  473. WTB Passenger side face lift fog lamp + pfl tow cover
  474. WTB Set of factory FL 16" Galant/Legnum VR-4 rims
  475. FS ECUs MH7202F MH7203FA (Plastic case, will accept code mods)
  476. WTB Evo Momo Steering Wheel
  477. WTB FL Bumper Flare
  478. WTB Sunvisors from 7G
  479. Galant 7G Brochure from New Zealand
  480. WTB WTB: Woodgrain Nardi steering wheel
  481. FS Free parts!
  482. FS Stock 1999 VR4 Legnum Type-S Suspension
  483. BOUGHT Wanted: 6A13 Non Turbo engine
  484. WTB Drivers side engine mount/Radiator
  485. WTB Front right brake rotor and caliper for ec5w vr4
  486. WTB Steering angle sensor
  487. FS Diffs, Exhaust and other stuff
  488. WTB Working catalytic converter
  489. FS 262 Reground Camshafts with HD valve springs
  490. Exhaust parts
  491. WTB Starter motor
  492. WTB Pillar gauge pod
  493. Solenoid valves
  494. 7201 ecu reflash
  495. WTB Stereo and tweeters: wanted
  496. WTB workshop manual needed
  497. FS COTY..badges
  498. FS Ralliart Front Strut bar brace and 6 brand new spark plugs
  499. Front turbo
  500. WTB MAF sensor
  501. WTB Engine cover