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  1. Engine Parts
  2. Crank pulley separating - reuse or replace?
  3. Cam shaft oil seal replacement?
  4. lash adjusters
  5. spark plug and gasket advice please
  6. Hard Wire Fuel Pump
  7. decarbonising engines
  8. Oversized pistons Mitsi made!?
  9. What tensile strength are cylinder head studs?
  10. power steering pump....
  11. changing tappets?
  12. Interchangable Alternators?
  13. Need just a front poly engine mount
  14. Original?
  15. engine stand will a 6a13TT bolt straight on without a conversion plate
  16. improving cooling system
  17. FPR's on Trademe
  18. Miracle tappet cure
  19. Cylinder Head Conversion
  20. Engine Knocking Loudly!!
  21. Checking the magnetic sump plug
  22. Middle Lead Rear Bank
  23. Help with engine management code messages
  24. v6 alternator
  25. Possible Air-Con pump failure
  26. Sard FPR Stockists??
  27. a surge?
  28. car shaking while stationary
  29. A polybush engine mount warning!
  30. alternator
  31. magnecor leads
  32. what is this wire?
  33. Smokey Jo's last trip.....
  34. I have been running on 23 valve in the my engine.
  35. Dip in Acceleration
  36. radiator
  37. Vr4 type S problem
  38. removing aircon
  39. Comma oil's and gapping...
  40. Engine Dies After Acceleration
  41. Fuel cut??
  42. GB: Forged Pistons
  43. I think i have just dropped a valve of popped a rocker arm off.
  44. Changing rear turbo while in car
  45. Failed Emissions
  46. valves rocker arms valve spring camshaft rocker cover Pics
  47. Smoke after changing turbo
  48. Advice needed please!!!
  49. Spark blow out?
  50. Piston failure :(
  51. alternator tensioner
  52. VR4 engine not starting
  53. Removing Engine
  54. Lamda sensor wiring
  55. Exhaust manifold flanges
  56. Cam belt kits??
  57. Car idling rough, misfires
  58. ower injector seals leakng boost
  59. overheating at stand still
  60. Throttle Cable Pulley
  61. Trouble fitting a new aftermarket engine mount.
  62. Blue Smoke after Engine Flush
  63. Spark Plugs
  64. Front roll stopper bracket and insert dont look right
  65. 4G63 galant block same as evos?
  66. gasket set and bottom end shells
  67. engine compression
  68. How to change engine mounts for OEM mounts
  69. Deatschwerks DW200 Fuel Pump
  70. Loud engine lifter / knock noise - urgent help please
  71. Walbro pump
  72. What AFR would you be happy to run in closed loop with respect to economy.
  73. Lash Adjusters
  74. oil through the rear turbo
  75. Swooshy noise
  76. Car hesitant with pipe on pod
  77. oil choice
  78. Vr4 problems again
  79. Where next with dyno graph
  80. Turbo oil feed piping
  81. Radiator Fan+Shroud Assembly
  82. engine cover in carbon fibre
  83. Dissasembly 6A13TT
  84. throttle getting stuck open
  85. FTO and VR4 coil packs
  86. Camshaft locking tool DIY - for timing belt setup
  87. Drain all coolant just from Radiator plug
  88. Carbon Fibre Engine -cover Prototype
  89. 3000gt VR-4
  90. Manuel/Auto box turbos
  91. Strange Issue with hesitation on only light throttle
  92. Cam belt change - help needed ASAP as messed up with tensioner pulley
  93. knock sensor
  94. which coil pack powers which cylinder......
  95. Which fmic to buy??
  96. Increasing PFL auto VR4 to 10psi? Where's the pill?
  97. rad hose
  98. Engine codes, red herring or real?
  99. Ryco Z436 oil filter
  100. Help! Car not to happy atm :(
  101. Dyno run
  102. Stepper Motor O-ring
  103. decat.....
  104. Need help with alternator issue
  105. Factory Fuel pressure solenoid should stay when adjustable FPR is fitted?
  106. Throttle body coolant hoses
  107. Impact of Cambelt Failure
  108. Engine, dimensions & weight
  109. Possible damage to top of sump - what are options?
  110. Why only 1 PCV valve on a 6A13TT?
  111. Propane injection
  112. Car feels softer :(
  113. Crank oil seal
  114. Dry sump.
  115. Coil pack options
  116. Oil Pressure
  117. Finally fitted new oil cooler rad
  118. Alternator Tensioner HELP!!!!!
  119. Dipstick tube
  120. performance engine build help please
  121. A puzzling coolant problem, with videos!!!
  122. Electrical Gremlins
  123. Fuel Economy - Trialling a suggestion (A/T)
  124. Mitsubishi V6 engines vs power
  125. Hesitation pulling in high gear plus clunking :o
  126. help needed asap rpm needle drops
  127. Engine coming out, to do suggestions please.
  128. Finally fixed the bloody stutter/missfire
  129. Oil leak from turbo oil return pipe. A comon issue, here is a possible fix.
  130. Popping
  131. Coolant Sensor Issue or something else?
  132. What tool for the head bolts? Going to tool shop in a minute
  133. MBC Review
  134. How do people mount the engine to an engine stand to work on it?
  135. air flow meter compatibility issue
  136. rattle at idle?
  137. Here we go.
  138. Batt, alternator or starter failing?
  139. anyway to tell if my cambelt is new or old?
  140. Vr4 stutter/hesitation
  141. motor wont start after manual conversion
  142. Engine losing power
  143. Rod ****ed up, big time
  144. Why why why
  145. Engine oil
  146. coil pack
  147. Throttle Body and Idle Control Valve Fix
  148. another bloody missfire
  149. Fuel Pump
  150. The Engine Game
  151. What kind of oil
  152. Stronger main and headbolts
  153. Raising oil pressure is it a good thing?
  154. Few questions about EBC's, ECU and fuelling
  155. will a front rocker cover fit on the rear head?
  156. Engine cutting out :(
  157. Stock FPR
  158. OK - Lets talk Head gaskets
  159. Blitz oil filter
  160. VR-4 Engine Fault Code (6A13TT 4WD Auto)
  161. just a quick question, does vr4s have an oil cooler?
  162. Popping un acceleration
  163. strengthened Con Rods and pistons...????
  164. Sump plug copper washer
  165. Spark plug recommendations
  166. GROUP BUY! ARP Main Stud Kits
  167. Anyone need a spare V6........
  168. Big End Torque
  169. 6A13TT complete engine rebuild. What parts?
  170. panel filter part no's
  171. Engine knocking? And engine stutter.
  172. help engine problems
  173. New Crank shaft pulley and noisy PS/AC belt tensioner pulley
  174. Ready to Give UP! HELP PLEASE!!!! :(
  175. Cutting out when she is cold.......the car
  176. GROUP BUY! ARP 1mm Oversize Head Stud Kits
  177. Time to replace ?
  178. Oil change placed buggered my oil filter mount.
  179. Engine almost dying when idling
  180. Crazy MAF sensor plot
  181. No ignition, what to do?
  182. water bottle questions
  183. Tuning help
  184. Evo x bov
  185. Cambelt service
  186. increase Boost
  187. Dump Valve or Pigeon Mod
  188. noisy tappets galant vr4 2.5 twin turbo jap import
  189. looking for engine info for galant 2.5 twin turbo v6
  190. Stock fuel pressure
  191. Torque plate for boring and honing.
  192. Engine dying
  193. Alloy radiators - redline performance any good?
  194. Forged Engine Build Pictures
  195. wondering what to do next + wilbro from my rx7.
  196. Is it Maf related?
  197. Rust on radiator cap
  198. Coolant issue - radiator empties itself to the overflow
  199. Engine noise?
  200. Innovate MTX-L Wideband O2 Sensor Installation
  201. CNC Adjustable Cam Gears!
  202. oil pressure loss
  203. Engine removal questions
  204. Engine/Electrical Issue...need help?
  205. Ebay 3mm tappet sets, any experiences? Or just clean mine out?
  206. engine codes
  207. AFR lean on hot idle
  208. Electrical issue - need help please
  209. Anyone have a Part Number?
  210. 7201 MMC flash question
  211. next mods without turbos
  212. Newbie Injector Question(s)
  213. Wideband O2 Sensor.
  214. ive had a serch and...
  215. Fuel Pump Whine
  216. New to turbos and seem to have a small problem under boost
  217. lash adjusters fitting?
  218. can you remove rear head with turbo and manifold still attached?
  219. Engine won't rev
  220. How to test the coils
  221. Plug wires
  222. Turbo / boost problem
  223. Intercooler install
  224. Stock Boost/Wastegate Solenoid Removal
  225. Fuel Pressure Gauge Options
  226. Strange Coolant/Water Leak
  227. Silicone coolant hoses
  228. Intake really hot!
  229. Water temp drops when driving....
  230. Error Codes: What They Mean
  231. Gaskets
  232. Engine damper
  233. High rev on start then drops with rough idle
  234. Overboosting and random engine cut out
  235. Only 3Litres of Oil?
  236. Dying on idling or very poor idling
  237. Had a couple of glitches with not holding rpm
  238. turbo shaft seal?
  239. Car nearly cutting out when letting off the gas/idling
  240. Newbie needs help - VR4 engine will not rev beyond 6000 rpm
  241. No speedo
  242. Need a new cat will the evo 6 one fit?
  243. cabelt change legnum vr4
  244. number 1 cylinder
  245. Is there a relay for starter motor?
  246. bottom pulley
  247. Cylinder Head Removal
  248. Rear Cylinder Head
  249. Timing Issue
  250. Not starting
  251. 8g vr4 alternator
  252. Ticking noise from engine?
  253. New issues kinda, smell of burnt oil and fuel
  254. major misfire or worse?
  255. FL Legnum VR-4 Tech Specs
  256. Mobil Super 3000, 5w-30...OK for our engines?
  257. Remove Air Lock from VR-4 Cooling System
  258. Engine wont turn over
  259. Oil Pickup in sump blocked
  260. Survey for cold start low prm
  261. VR4 Servicing /Repairs Southern England
  262. Camshaft Caps Torque
  263. spark plugs
  264. bit of help please
  265. Evoscan knock sum
  266. Starter dead, Where is it?
  267. Replacing radiator?
  268. Car won't run - missing, backfiring
  269. Nitrous Oxide System
  270. Maf
  271. Vr4 p/s belt
  272. Something you probably did not know about VR4 Cylinder heads
  273. Could my bottom end of gone? Vid
  274. fuel pressure regulator question.
  275. In search of my reverse light plug
  276. Intake Gaskets
  277. Engine specs sheets
  278. Can the rear head be removed without taking the turbo and manifold off?
  279. pcv issue solved. much worse issue created
  280. Fuel in Engine Bay
  281. Car Wont Boost
  282. Ignition upgrade, done by a cheap SOB (me)
  283. Help,
  284. Cambelt help
  285. A few issues need help with please
  286. Top speed 125mph and no more?
  287. Diagnosing issues
  288. Coolant Expansion/Overflow Tank Details
  289. What have I blown?
  290. Electrical issues
  291. spark plugs
  292. Fuel trims what makes them max out at idle?
  293. Oil leak near the alternator
  294. cams
  295. ignition coils upgrade
  296. Tricky boost leak, advice?
  297. final mod front radiator evo 4-6 or galant one??? keeping my air con
  298. conrods
  299. Switching Timing belt
  300. MAF sensor issues, need help?
  301. Vacuum diagram?
  302. Is this a 6a13tt?
  303. EGT vs Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT)
  304. alternator and aircon / power steering tentioner / idler pully
  305. Camshaft oil seal part number
  306. Lash adjuster
  307. Boost drop with stock solenoid
  308. vacume lines and where stuff goes mine is all messed up
  309. Changing fuel filter??
  310. which coil pack runs what rear plug?
  311. Spark plugs
  312. Cambelt Whine?
  313. Missing
  314. 2.5 V6 Galant EGR Delete?
  315. Cooling
  316. Power steering
  317. noisy lifters or cam clearence
  318. Engine swaps evo 4G63
  319. Fuel pressure regulator
  320. Evo X brake booster into VR4
  321. Getting more power - staged upgrade recommendations
  322. Auto vs Manual TPS
  323. Spark Plug colour
  324. White fuel smelling smoke
  325. Hesitation and judder at full boost 1.1-1.2 but ok at 0.8-0.9
  326. billet crankshafts
  327. My unkown long term problem (with car)
  328. Arp head and main stud
  329. 6a13tt big end bearings
  330. Engine Mounts
  331. Vr-4 radiator.
  332. P/S belt slipping
  333. Coil Pack Testing
  334. Injector Spray Pattern
  335. Intake Explosion!
  336. Injector Dead Time against Battery Voltage
  337. Stalling / RPM needle all over the place
  338. Alternator not charging battery (well, sort of..)
  339. Surge tank from stainless steel
  340. 1.2mm head gasket
  341. Differences 6a13 and 6a13tt shortblock.
  342. Maf
  343. engine rattle
  344. Engine belt noise?
  345. Really hard starts in the morning
  346. Code fault following engine swap
  347. lifters
  348. Coolant pump gasket or not?
  349. Oil pump 6a13 n/a vs 6a13tt differences
  350. Fuse box cover from stainless steel
  351. VR4 Twin Jolting/Stuttering issues when gas is applied half on?
  352. need main and rod bearings for 6a13tt for 97 Galant vr4
  353. oil system in cylinder heads
  354. Anyone running on E85 Ethanol?
  355. Injector flow rate size?
  356. Rocker arm fell off
  357. Belt squeal diagnosis
  358. Can the heads and turbos be removed without removing the engine from the car?
  359. Head gasket fail can you see the breach from th pics
  360. engine pics without heads
  361. Engine stutters and car lurches under accelerator lift off at low speed
  362. cylinder head cleaning
  363. Rocker cover cleaning
  364. valve cleaning
  365. How do you pick the correct size cranck shaft bearing and Con rod bearing.
  366. adjustable BOV
  367. Power Or general Upgrades
  368. 1999 Legnum exhaust blueprints
  369. Manual Boost Control
  370. poor starting when engine warm
  371. 1997 VR-4, EGR valve question
  372. Engine issue's and lack of power
  373. Low idle when warm (engine's cut out once) - Boost leak test advice needed.
  374. Blow through MAF does anyone have any experience.
  375. Spark Plug Gaskets
  376. Turbo Intake Pipe Size
  377. Larger Throttle Body
  378. Fuel Pump Check Connector location?
  379. Running on 5 cylinders after maintenance work :-(
  380. Upgraded and/or replacement Fuel Pump (in-tank) check?
  381. Numbers on the side of pistons what do they mean?
  382. Head bolt torque settings 6A13TT
  383. 93 engine internals
  384. 6a13tt are both turbo cores the same?
  385. Viamoto Tappets for 6A13TT - Review
  386. Headgasket Failure
  387. What injectors should i use?
  388. Fixing a Leak
  389. Water Methanol Injection / Good or bad idea
  390. Finding the correct Platinum/Iridium spark plugs
  391. Fuel pump up-grades
  392. Engine rebuild
  393. Coolant Additives
  394. Troubles once turning up boot
  395. can some tell me codes please
  396. Poor running need some advise
  397. Intercooler Modification
  398. Standard air box
  399. ARP Head Studs
  400. Engine oil and poor quality fuel, what to do?
  401. EOI: Aftermarket Intake manifolds
  402. 6a13 to 6a13tt swap
  403. Mamba turbo upgrade.. any experience??
  404. ARP head studs advice :)
  405. temp sender part number
  406. Upper Temperature Limit
  407. Forged Rods
  408. Rough Idle were to start
  409. which EVO radiator?
  410. 2002 legnum, white smoke coming out from engine?
  411. Blew My Engine
  412. Engine number
  413. Engine swap Legnum to Galant garage needed London UK
  414. Fuel Starving
  415. Overheating issue
  416. Rough Idle
  417. Engine (and gearbox) behaviour being odd...
  418. engine rebuild after head gasket failure.
  419. Head gasket failure? this why it happens. (Video included from HP Academy)
  420. Viamoto - New Product
  421. Vacuum testing a cylinder head for leaks
  422. regrinding cams, upgraded headbolts?
  423. Potential wiring gremlin