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    The VR-4 is a well engineered, high tolerence machine - and running high quailty oils of the correct grade oils, changed on schedule, is imperitive for the health of your car.

    So - here's a list of all the oil types and capacities, as well as recommended oils that our members have found over the years have provided the best protection, and ...

    Here is a simple illustration of the OBD-II port located on the underside of the dash, near the driver's left knee:


    Grounding pin 1 is the way to obtain any stored error codes. You can ground it to a chassis point, any other earth, or most usually (because it's closest and easiest) pin 4.

    I use a short piece of wire with stripped ends for the desired effect. A paperclip may also suffice. Some of you may even choose to put in a little switch, so it can be turned on and off as you please!

    This is just one of the many great bits of useful information we have here on Club VR-4. Is this useful to you? Gain access to hundreds more articles by becoming a Member for just £10. See here for more details!


    1. Earth pin 1, in your chosen fashion;
    2. Turn the ignition on;
    3. You will then have the flashy dash (lights flashing should be Engine Management Light, TCL OFF light (if equipped), 'Skiddy Car' light, 'N' on auto selector (if applicable), AYC light (if equipped), ABS light, SRS light;
    4. Any light that is flashing regularly (about twice a second) has no stored codes;
    5. Any light flashing irregularly, will cycle through all stored codes, repeatedly;
    6. Each code is two digits, and zeroes are not used, i.e. the lowest code possible is 11, and the highest is 99;
    7. Long flashes (about a second or so each) indicate the first digit, while short flashes indicate the second digit;
    8. There is about two seconds between each stored code;
    9. Codes are shown in ascending numerical order;
    10 Note the codes down, then refer to the diagnostic codes list below.

    To clear the stored codes, simply disconnect the battery (NB: This does not clear SRS fault codes). Sorry folks, this does mean however that any lovely stored settings in the auto ECU will also be lost, and will take about 250 miles (about a tank of fuel) to re-learn.

    Example ...
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    Please note this is under construction!

    When we think of performance Mitsubishis, we almost always think of Lancer Evolutions. Well, there is another Mitsubishi that has a 280bhp turbocharged engine and which also uses a sophisticated four-wheel-drive system similar to that employed by the Evo. The Galant VR-4 is a big car in comparison to an early Evo, but the powerful V6 engine and excellent handling and traction provided by the sophisticated underpinnings mean that the VR-4 isnít far behind. Whatís more, the VR-4 ...

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