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  • MPG Calculator

    | Total Miles
    | Litres Used
    | Cost per ltr (in pence)

    | MPG
    | Averaging pence per mile

    miles would cost

    (Modify the above field and click Calculate to see a new cost calculation i.e. "100 miles would cost")
  • Fuel Consumption Conversion
    Convert what quantity?

  • Miles to KM

    Miles = Kilometers

    Kilometers = Miles
  • Running Costs

    Please note: This Calculator is still in testing mode, please use the following thread to raise issues or suggest improvements.

    | * Purchase cost
    | * Change after how many years?
    | * Resale value after years
    | * Annual mileage
    | * Miles per Gallon (MPG)
    | * Petrol price per litre in pence
    | * Annual road tax
    | * Annual service Click to discuss
    |    Insurance premium
    |    Breakdown insurance
    |    Yearly Maintenance Costs (eg Emergency repairs)
    |    Other (eg Congestion charge, parking permits, fines, garage hire)
    * Required Field.

    | How many days a week on average do you use your car?

    Finance - (if applicable)
    | Monthly loan repayment
    | Loan amount
    | Term
    | Rate
                           (Calculate Rate)

    RESULT - (Your car is costing you)
    | A Year
    | A Month
    | Per Mile
    | Per Day
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