Track: Airstrip Drachten Netherlands
Vehicle: 1997 Mitsubishi Galant VR2
Owner: NLduffyNL
Timeslip Date: 29-06-2012
R/T: 0.2470
60 Foot: 2.4350
330 Foot: 0.0000
1/8 Mile: 9.2170
1/8 Mile KPH: 134.00 KPH
1000 Foot: 0.0000
1/4 Mile: 13.8420
1/4 Mile KPH: 171.84 KPH
Race Weight (with Driver): 1,380.00 Kgs
Nitrous: No Nitrous
Comments: I had to much pressure in my tires, but couldn't get them less because we had to drive true grass to get to the strip and i was very low (hitted the grass a few times so couldnt take the risk with lowering the car by lowering the pressure)

So i drove with 1.9 bar, i wanned to drive it 1.3 bar

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