1997 Mitsubishi Galant ELEGANCE - "Monster"
Owner MarkSanne

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Vehicle 1997 Mitsubishi Galant ELEGANCE
Color Meister Blue
Updated 08-10-2013 03:26 PM
Mileage 240,000 Kilometres
Purchase Date 02-11-2012
URL http://www.clubvr4.com/forum/showthr...project-V6-N-A
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I bought a cheap V6 N/A Elegance Galant (saloon). It looked a bit tired, felt like a proper car though.

So I started doing some welding, and then did a 'bit' more work to it:

And then some more...

Added Nardi steering wheel (converted to house the factory cruise control)
17" wheels refurbished myself
Aluminium inbus lightwheight wheelnuts for the narrow holes
Replaced the gearbox
Replaced the clutch & pressure plate
Replaced gearbox oil (Amsoil MTF)
Replaced air filter
Replaced downpipe flex-piece
Temporary placed clear corner and side repeaters
Replaced torn vacuumhose
Removed a sh*tload of aftermarket crap wiring, hoses and cr*p from the car
Replaced oil cap o-ring
Replace coolant reservoir cap
Replaced ABS sensor ring left rear
Placed a set of bonnet gas struts
Made a subwoofer plate in spare wheel well
Placed a grounding cable kit in the engine
Upholsered centre console parts in white leather
Flushed old oil (Amsoil)
Fresh oil Amsoil 0W30
Rewelded the sump from the inside (instead of the outside fail weld from some amateur)
Replaced the fuel pipe filler pipe
Replaced the fuel filter
Installed HC tacho
Placed TEIN coilovers (refurbished myself) with EDFC
Installed a low profile rear spoiler
Replaced complete coolant fluid
Placed facelift rear lights where I the removed red lines in the clear cluster
Replaced stabilisor rods/track end rods front side
Replaced sway bar rubbers rear side
Replaced belts for PS/Airco & alternator
Replaced pulleys for alternator belt and PS/Airco belt
Replaced both steering rack rods
Replaced clutch cylinder fluid (ATE Super Blue Racing DOT4)
Replaced flexible brake hoses (Goodridge stainless braided)
Replaced brake fluid (ATE Super Blue Racing DOT4)
Replaced worn gear selector bushing for Ross motorsport 'EVO' upgraded version
Added facelift wheel arch extentions
Added facelift rear extensions
Replaced interior and interior filter
Replaced windscreen wipers
Replaced spark plugs (NGK PFR6G-11)
Added 2DIN radio/sat-nav (JVC)
Tinted door windows lightly
Sound dampened all doors
Sound dampened complete trunk and bottom
Replaced front and added rear door speakers
Replaced beige carpet for black
Replaced beige sky liner for fresh grey
Replaced beige A, B and C-styles for fresh grey
Replaced beige seatbelts for black
Replaced beige doorcards for black and added rear door Legnum black undersides with factory speaker mesh
Replaced beige rear shelf for black, incl speaker grilles and brake lamp
Replace complete dashboard for new one with all black underside (the original top half of the dash had 3 screw holes...)
Replaced all beige seats for black
Replaced plastic hand break lever cover for leather version
Added stainless door sills
Replaced pre-facelift front bumper for a customized facelift bumper (added lip, added wheel arch extensions, widened recess for licence plate)
Add ganador side mirrors
Hooked up alarmsystem
Customized VR4 PFL side skirts to hook up with FL arch extensions

ToDo List
- weld rear wheel arches
- add Varex rear muffler
- repaint the complete exterior to Pearl White (like the Legnum was)
- add wind visors

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