1. SteveH
    Anyone interested in a south west meet? Where? when?

    Lets have a little input and get something going.
  2. Colin Wiltshire
    Colin Wiltshire
    Could be interested
  3. Spirit
    Could be interested too, depending on where and when of course.
  4. Barney
    Similar to above, when is the big problem
  5. SteveH
    Ok i'm open for ideas as to where we would like to meet. Maybe we could do a boost leak testing day or something like that. Obviuosly we would need somewhere to actually do something like that with enough room.
  6. SteveH
    Ok, i'm in the process of sorting a boost leak testing kit and going to ask a friend about using his workshop in Fairford. Anyone interested???
  7. alan
    could well be up for this though im sure i dont have any leaks now,but would like to meet up with others from the south west
  8. oldgit9
    hi guys...long time no speak. it would be good to meet up for a RR day and a drink afterwords. my car is currently dead (thanks to the cow in the corsa) but it hopefully it will be all fixed sometime soon.
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