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  • elnevio's Avatar
    16-09-2023, 08:37 PM
    /Wave If the leak was on the driver's side, roughly below the belts, then it's almost certainly the water pump. If that needs doing, and also given the downtime, then you should change the cambelt too - it needs to come off anyway. Full service and change of all the oils/fluids/belts/plugs might as well be done too. You can use radiators that fit most 8G Galants. If you have an auto, you should get one that has the cooling loop for the autobox. It's the more common radiator, so if you...
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  • Wodjno's Avatar
    09-09-2023, 08:47 PM
    They are long gone to the tip.. if I had the storage, I would have kept and had a go at dyeing them black or another colour, but alas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  • Nick Mann's Avatar
    09-09-2023, 08:26 AM
    Nick Mann replied to a thread Why? in General / Questions
    Unfortunately the speedo converters were all dealer fitted so there was variation. Behind the dash is the most likely place, but it could be anywhere. Behind the clocks, Behind the ash tray or near the gearbox are the three common places.
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    06-09-2023, 02:18 AM
    /Wave Nice to see pics, and such a detailed opening post too! :2thumbsup The GDI really benefits from being run on super unleaded, as it runs in the Eco GDI mode much more with the higher octane fuel. I seem to recall that this reduces carbon build-up too. You can take out the door sensor and clean the contacts. This should at least give it some more life for a while. Handy to have working properly though, as if the alarm auto-locking is on, you can potentially lock yourself out of...
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