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    Yesterday, 11:16 AM
    Dave, would you be able to do a complete How To guide on testing the VR-4 for boost leaks - i.e. tools needed and how to do it? This would be a useful guide for so many people (including me!) as it is indeed a common issue.
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    18-10-2020, 08:56 AM
    Fair play Ian, that's no mean feat!! :thumbsup:
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    16-10-2020, 07:46 AM
    elnevio replied to a thread The Replacement in General Chat
    Nice to hear from you again Robert! Hope you are otherwise well and that not having a JDM isn't a sign of mental instability!! /lol Possibly actually a sign of mental clarity /Hmmm Looks nice. :thumbsup: Crazy how quick 'normal' cars are becoming these days!
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    12-10-2020, 02:22 PM
    What Nick HASN'T mentioned is that his Jaaaag is the XJ L version (so maybe that should be Jaaaaaaaaaag!). It is very long. And it is very fast. And to quote, "Unnecessary"!! /haz What a car! Still miss it and the absolute daft funfest that it is! /lol Good work Paul, glad to see you've stuck with it! My facelift VR-4 is in the progress of being LPGed as we speak :thumbsup:
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    10-10-2020, 09:12 AM
    foxdie On both my early PFL and late FL, the wire colour from OBD pin 1 to ECU pin 56 (pin 6 of third connector), is grey with a red trace. Not green with a red trace. I've checked at both ends of the wire, to be sure! Also, pin 26 is black on the diagram, but the white writing says 'white' instead of 'black'! /lol
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    08-10-2020, 08:02 PM
    Yay for Mike! :2thumbsup
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    07-10-2020, 09:27 AM
    I assume yours doesn't have TCL? Mine does, so is exceptionally unusual for a facelift, let alone a second facelift (mine is 2001), so I had also wondered if it was anything to do with that. Yes, I did think that you could use a wire from the speedo cluster to the white-green wire on the 4th ECU connector as the means of getting the signal there. And you already have a handily placed grey wire and random wire combo that runs between the two points! /yes :D And yes, the speed limiter can...
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    07-10-2020, 08:17 AM
    Has all the fluid been flushed out, or did the contents of the sump just get dropped and replaced? The latter only changes about half the ATF, as the rest remains in the gearbox internals. Did they follow the flushing guide? Which ATF was used? How's the ATF level? Did you have any fault codes? If all the above is good and you've used Amsoil, it might take a little time to clean up the gearbox internals :)
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    07-10-2020, 08:11 AM
    The white-blue wire is the white-green wire, i.e. the signal from the VSS. It's just that the colour changes to white-blue before it heads up to the gauges. You have a plastic-cased ECU - what age is your car? I suspect that the other end of the snipped white-green wire will be taped back into the loom. Incidentally, does your shady wiring elsewhere on the ECU plugs happen to look anything like this?
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    02-10-2020, 09:44 PM
    Yeah, I reckon you have to chase where it goes to the ECU. I note that your convertor was equipped with a grey wire to go to the ECU, from looking at your pic. Maybe it goes to the white-green wire in pin 16 of the fourth connector for the ECU, i.e. the one you cut to remove the 180kmh limiter. That way, it would still feed a speed back to the ECU, possibly in mph, so the limiter moves to 180mph instead, and preventing the occurence of a fault code. Most converters it seems have five...
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    29-09-2020, 05:11 AM
    And bolt lengths are measured from under the head. I reckon you might want the 6x30 ones. :)
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    28-09-2020, 07:54 PM
    Looks like the front has been facelifted using a second facelift UK car, as although it has the bonnet bulge, grill and bumper, it has the single fogs. They have retained the JDM headlights. The rear is still PFL, although the differences between PFL and FL on Galant VR-4s is pretty much limited to the light clusters being updated, unlike the change in bodywork for the Legnum between PFL and FL.
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    21-09-2020, 09:26 AM
    I think Kev may have managed to do this and is possibly in the process of writing up a detailed account with details of the necessary parts. Watch this space! /popcorn
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    21-09-2020, 09:24 AM
    Facelift doors are the same, which should help sourcing them a little. adaxo is breaking a facelift, but don't know if the rear doors are still available (although they're definitely not white!). :)
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  • elnevio's Avatar
    21-09-2020, 09:20 AM
    Weird! Don't need to be a paid member to post pics - or at least shouldn't need to be :huh:
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    Hi Nev, hope you can help- bought my legnum vr4 twin turbo about two years ago, had to get a gearbox rebuild just over a year ago, because it is an import made for the Japanese and Brazilian market i thought parts would be hard to get but got sorted at a cost of £1800. Have bought a lot of servicing parts from camskills and at present waiting for two inlet valves and a few other parts. trying to get the tork settings for the head and cam but not having any luck. Does the club sell workshop manuals or do you know where I can buy one regardless of price. Not used the club before because was unsure how it all realy worked. Sorry the car is 1998 ( 27-02-1998 ). Francey
  2. Hi Steve

    Thanks for the message.

    Unfortunately, new users aren't able to post in the FS/WTB areas until they have reached three months, 10 non-spam posts, or have became a member. Having said that, in your circumstances (i.e. you're not taking the mickey!) if you post up a WTB thread in a different area, and ask me to move it, I can do. The limit is designed to prevent people simply registering just to sell stuff really.

    However, the wood window switch, despite Mitsi's love of the I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Wood effect in the Galant, was not an option (or part of a standard package) on any JDM or UK 8Gs. There may be possibility that it was available somewhere on a European or Asian market version - or even a USDM, although I doubt it very much on both counts, and the USDM is probably actually a different fitting anyway.

    Just thought you should know! Your best bet may be to get a match on a wood-effect vinyl, and wrap the switch?

    Good luck,
  3. View Conversation
    Dude, wonder if you can help.
    I've tried several times to post in the fs/wtb section, but keep getting a message telling me I can't.

    I'm only after a wood effect window switch, that I can fit into my custom CA/CJ Colt build, and the only car that seems to have them is the VR4.

    Please can you sort priviledges for me so I can post, and PM me back?

    Thanks in advance.

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