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Thread: CVR4 Membership Information.

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    The membership details as follows.

    - United Kingdom / Europe and Rest of World (ROW)

    New Members: £10 - APPLY (NB: £20 prior to 1/1/2016)
    Renewal Members: £10 - APPLY (NB: £20 prior to 1/1/2016)

    - New Zealand

    New Members: £10 - APPLY (NB: $30 prior to 11/1/2017)
    Renewal Members: £10 - APPLY (NB: $30 prior to 11/1/2017)

    - Australia

    New Members: £10 - APPLY (NB: $15 prior to 11/1/2017)
    Renewal Members: £10 - APPLY (NB: $15 prior to 11/1/2017)

    • To apply for a New or Renew Membership please use the application forms located here - Please note: that a Paypal account is required to complete this process.
    • If you are unable to use the automated Process please contact Nev or Submit a "contact us" form selecting the "Membership Application Query" Option.
    • Please note: This is an automated process, you will become a Full CVR4 member upon payment.

    Additional Memberships

    Associate Membership: £5

    • To qualify you must be the partner/spouse of an existing full member, or a previous full member who no longer owns an 8G Galant/Legnum
    • Your membership number will be the same as your partners/spouses with an "A" at the end of it, or your previous membership number with an "A" at the end of it
    • The cost will be £5 p/a but will have certain forum restrictions. These are: access removed from the Articles library, the Resource library and the Discounts forum
    • Only one Associate Membership per membership number / household
    • To apply for Associate Membership, please forward payment and the username of the person applying for Associate Membership by paypal to: Followed by a PM to Nev

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