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Thread: Legnum VR-4 - 1998 - Townsville

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    98 Legnum

    Legnum VR-4 - 1998 - Townsville

    Car Details

    Car: Legnum VR-4
    Year: 1998
    Colour: Millenium Silver
    Transmission: Manual
    Mileage Total: 140000

    WOF Expiry Date: 28 May 2014
    Registration Expiry Date: 28 May 2014

    Location: Townsville

    Contact Method: Call Ryan on 0437418344

    Price: $3000 ONO

    Car Description

    Car History
    Selling my Legnum as I don't use it any more. I've owned it for the last 6-7 years but it's time to go. I have a bike now and all this Legnum seems to do is sit in the garage and cost me rego every year. A car this good should be in the hands of someone willing to do it up. Great cars, shame to see it go.

    The only modification made to the car has been a cat back exhaust system from a Stagea, everything else is stock.

    Other information.
    Selling cheap because I want it gone. I have a bike now & this thing just sits around costing me rego every six months. Make an Offer.

    Bad bits
    The car is currently registered and running but will be sold 'as is' as it needs some work for a blue slip that I'm not willing to pay for. It needs new spark plugs and probably a new manifold gasket at the same time (has a slight oil leak coming from there). The radiator/cooling system has a leak somewhere too. The clutch is feeling a little soft and the gearbox needs an oil change but that should get it registered and on the road.

    Aesthetically there's a ding on the left hand front quarter panel, and a tiny bump on the drivers side door. With a little work and a fresh paint job this car would look as new. It's perfect for someone wanting to do this car up themselves for cheap.

    The car has been used as a family car for the last 6 years so don't expect the interior to be in perfect condition. The trim will need an upgrade/revamp for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OzStatto View Post
    The only modification made to the car has been a cat back exhaust system from a Stagea,
    Hi Ryan

    First, good luck with the sale.

    Second, the Stagea exhaust... did that fit straight on the car? I've just made the switch to a Stagea and have my old Legnum exhaust which I'd love to move over if it will fit!
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