Hello guys!

My name's Lukas and as the title already says, I am from Austria (in Northern Ireland for 5 weeks right now, still 2 or 3 to come to work here). At the moment I am still looking for as much information as possible about the VR-4 before importing one from Japan. The model information was the most useful thing I've found in the last 5 days. Never had such a detailed source of the Facelifts from the VR4 which are completely different to the EU Galant, thank you for that! Now I really know what to tell my import company, or at least I think I know.

I drove the V6 EU Galant a couple of years but needed to swap it for a VW Passat because my daily work route forced me to. It was just not bearable anymore to drive 150 km/90mi a day and refuel that beast with 98+ octan gasoline (which were basically 90 Euros every two to three days).

First I wanted to upgrade my old Galant to a VR4 in germany (I never sold my beauty. I just couldn't, it would have broke my heart). But after some serious usage of my brain (happens occasionally) I came to the conclusion that importing one would be the better option.

So I guess for the first weeks/months I will be busy reading and I need some practice on the car as well before I can give useful answers and participate in discussions

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. (And don't hesitate to correct my english, I'd really appreciate it if you do so)

Best wishes