Hi All,

It has been a while since I signed up for a forum, probably 15+ years!

Long story short, I am English but live in Australia and have done for the past 18+ years. My father in the UK has a 2005 Lancer Equippe saloon in silver (North Hampshire). Unfortunately it has developed an ABS/CV Joint/Drive Shaft issue. Low miles but cost prohibitive to repair with 300 quid already spent on it. Still driveable (as in starts and moves though not safe to do anymore) but does not brake above 55mph! Rather than scrap it, I wanted to offer it on here for a token amount, however I cannot post a for sale post upon reading the forum regs.

I've appreciated pulling apart scrap cars for my cossie's and evo's over the years, so if it can go to a good home, I'd prefer that.

Also big Evo fan with modified VII, VIII MR FQ400 and IX under my belt and I can be found on lancerregister plus evolutionoz along with passionford and skylinesaustralia under the same nic to confirm my ID.