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Thread: Air con compressor 'cycling' issue. Air con is cool not cold...

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    Air con compressor 'cycling' issue. Air con is cool not cold...

    Hi all.
    I've had my VR4 in to have the air con regassed, and the guy said it's only cooling down to 14 degrees when it should get down to 4 degrees. He seemed to think the compressor was turning off too soon and needed to run for longer. He thought the problem might be the controller in the dash. He bypassed the controller and had it cooling right down like it should. As we own 3 galants (2 x 1998 VR4's and a 1997 VR haha) I borrowed a dash controller from one of the other cars but even with a different one in my car it wouldn't cool any further and the air con in the other car behaved perfectly with my dash controller installed so it's not that.

    Does anyone have any idea what would make it only cool to 14? Is the guy on the right track? Or is there some other component that we should check?

    I've owned VR4 since Dec 2003, and the Mrs has had hers since around 2008 I think. We're both keen to keep them, and keep them going as long as we can!

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    I think that the controller will normally mix the air unless it detects a high cabin temperature, it might go to full cooling if you turn to cold and keep going so it sets fans to full speed automatically.

    The air from my vents is very rarely super cold, but the system does seem to work normally. My EU spec v6 did seem to cool more aggressively, it also used the vents totally differently when on automatic - so it is probably designed to mix more in the JDM firmware?

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