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Thread: ASC unit with wiring and alu block

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    Quote Originally Posted by Confused View Post
    I'm not sure on the LSD side of things - you'll need to check your exact gearbox for compatible LSD choices.

    Yes, the ECU is reasonably expensive, but the flexibility, ease of tuning, and the advanced features it gives you over a standard ECU are well worth it in my opinion. The ability to do things like limit boost by gear and add traction control will help you put that power down, as you will be traction limited. I have a VR4 engine driving the rear wheels of a Ford Anglia, and I'm definitely traction limited - once I get those systems properly set up, it'll be a game changer for how the car drives and how well it will accelerate at the maximum possible rate. The factory ECUs could never do what I want it to do!
    Ok, so. I found myself decent LSD from Germany, pretty steep with 400e but what the hell. Now, can I ask you for one more advice about the Link xFury? For my VR2 I will need harness (A or B, whatever) and possibly MAP sensor. From motor guy I've heard that if the wiring is solid, it shoud be possible to connect the ECU straight to engine. Other guy was talking about some kind of pre-maid conversion between ECU and engine - he was ready to charge me 800e for that stuff. Since the prices are pretty much up there anyway, I dont wanna get ripped off. (I want this to be performed by experienced tuner so it's not gonna blow and I am ready to spend some green. But I need to set up some limits.)

    If you have any recommendations to share from your VR4 Link installation, I would be much obliged to hear it. Thanks.

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    There's no direct plug-in ECU, so you've got to do something to convert the new ECU to the car.

    Your choice is to leave your current wiring exactly as it is, and make/get some kind of adapter harness. Or, you cut the existing ECU plugs off, and splice them into the Link's connectors.

    The required connectors and wires are probably around £150 raw prices to make a patch harness, but then you've got to factor in time to do so. Is it €800 worth - well, maybe!

    Decide now whether you're sticking with wasted spark and original coils or going Coil On Plug, whether you want to go with E-Throttle or not, what kind of "extras" you may want (for example, do you want a rotary switch to control level of traction control?) and make sure that's all planned in while you're making the wiring up!

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