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Thread: Legnum VR4 type S - 1997 - Preston

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    Legnum VR4 type S - 1997 - Preston

    Car Details

    Car: Legnum VR4 type S
    Year: 1997
    Colour: Finesse Green
    Transmission: Automatic
    Mileage Total: 85000 miles
    Mileage KM: 60000km

    M.O.T. Expiry Date: 12 December 2020

    Location: Preston

    Contact Method: Pm or 07584664141

    Price: £800

    Car Description

    Car History
    I bought this from Bristol seb 3 years ago for parts. However it was better than the legnum I had so used this as my car and parts from my other. Its had its highs and lows but had been a great, useful, fun car to own. Adam (adaxo) converted it to lpg for me which makes it run for almost diesel fuel costs, with no downsides (this is my 2nd legnum on lpg, I've done 60k miles on lpg with no engine problems ).
    Mot is upcoming, and I expect the usual welding patch up somewhere and rust/ age related work. But am selling it as either spares or a project.
    During my ownership is been serviced every year and had the gearbox flushed and ran on amsoil. Also have about 10 litres of that for top ups aswel as a few steering wheels and various bits.
    Ayc works, although it rarely lights up all 3 bars these days. Gearbox shifts smooth.
    There is a misfire somewhere which I've been unable to diagnose. Despite fitting a coil on plug system fitted using civic type r coils, this has helped massively with the smooth running of the engine. I suspect the misfire is vacuum related.
    Currently driver's window is fixed closed as the window motor and regulator have died.
    Also the alarm and immobiliser (was a toad ai606, still fitted) had been bypassed due to alarm going off for no reason.
    I now have a new vehicle to carry bikes and family and very little time to work on the legnum , am gutted to have to stu this as I still love the car, the way it looks, sounds and thr attention it gets. But for now I'm having to bow out of the project car game and need some cash. The paintwork is dull and the lacqueri s peeling in places. I always wanted to get it polished up as I think it world be a great colour.
    Car also has the large sunroof. Its amazing in hot days, ill miss that quiet rare feature. As I will miss the car. Always wanted to own a legnum they have never disappointed. Still don't know a car for such little money, be so capable, useful and bloody good looking.
    So I'm hoping someone will get this and do it up. Wouldn't even take that much, but of time and money and you'd got a decent low mileage, good spec legnum. However, I need the money whichever way that comes. So if it won't go as a car, I'll break it for parts. Just really hoping to not do that. Car is available for test drives and viewings.
    Also, I can send any pics by email if anyone's interested. Struggle putting pics on here, hence the 2 I could manage.

    Evo 8 intercooler
    Lpg kit
    Mechanical boost controller (.8 bar ish)
    Evo 8 brembo front calipers and discs
    Stainless 2.5" downpipes
    Stainless decat pipe
    Stainless car back powerflow exhaust
    Auto box cooler
    Swoosh boost, oil temp, oil pressure triple a pillar guages
    Oil catch can ( never seems too catch any)
    Evo 8 enkei alloys powder coated in gloss black with decent tread on tyres
    Front billstein shocks and springs with standard vr4 rear (perfect level ride height and good turn in response)

    Other information.
    Car was a cat c when I bought it. Light rear end bodywork damage.

    Bad bits
    See description. But any questions please ask
    Attached Images Attached Images

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