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Thread: Wanted ETACS ECU with 2 Side Connectors

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    Wanted ETACS ECU with 2 Side Connectors

    Hello Galant/Legnum Enthousiasts

    In my ever lasting quest to find the correct ETACS ECU for my car I finally have a lead that's pointing me towards New Zealand.

    Let me Explain myself,

    I am fully restoring an EA2A Galant and wanted to put as many OEM factory options on the car.
    In the workshop manuals and wiring diagrams I came across the Factory Theft Alarm system. Nice to have and it will arm with your standard OEM Remote from the keyless entry system. All I needed was an ETACS ECU that has the two side connectors (16pin + 12pin)

    The only ETACS ECU unit I found, that look like it have the side connectors, is a Yellow one (MR337382) This one can be fitted to Gen Export cars (New Zealand spec)

    Can some one confirm if there are any New Zealand Spec cars that are equipped with the factory Theft Alarm System and if so What would be the number of the ETACS ECU (number is printed on the ETACS Housing) Als if they are available in New Zealand What would be a good place to find a second hand one.

    As an example a drawing from the ASA system how the ETACS ECU looks like with the 2 side connectors.


    Galant ETACS_Big.JPG
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