To keep anyone interested up to date. Updates!

Just came back from the garage and pulled out all the clutch packs that are accessible from the side. Issue seems to be much clearer now.

At the back of the clutch pack where the wave ring sits I found some minor damage like something had been chafing quite tightly on the stuff at the back and the steel ring on the clutch pack had quite a bit of the metal dust on them when rest of the trans seemed to be clean.

So my current hypothesis is that when putting the clutch pack together I have messed up the order or the widths of the steel plates.

Next step is that I'll try to look up a good source for the correct order(Thanks Davezj one of the links has quite good one) and make a metrical width and order chart off of that to use and arrange them correctly. Nothing seemed to be damaged too badly, so just general wear in a short time period. Good thing I didn't do more driving with the car.

Updates will likely have to wait till next week as I have some plans during the weekend.