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Thread: "L9 NUM" My 2nd PFL Legnum

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    "L9 NUM" My 2nd PFL Legnum

    I dont belive I've properly introduced my newest addition.
    I've spoken about it in other threads but browsing my profile I can't see a proper thread

    So without further ado, I present...

    Picked her up from Croydon back in mid June
    Gave just over £2.5k

    Pre-face lift, I belive in Sophia White.

    Been a little unloved over the last few years. A previous owner is/was registered here but I can't find the threads again now

    Since I've got her home I've
    #replaced the passenger front driveshaft

    #replaced the front bankcam cover gasket and spark plugs - I'm still to do the rear ones as rain stopped play

    #replaced the high level brake light and re-fitted the rear wiper

    Done my best to clean her up as a recent owner was into mountain bikes and god knows where she ended up.
    The headlining is tatty in the back too but I have a donor car with a good interior that I'll swap bits with.

    The gearbox was rebuilt last year, its had a lot of flexi pipe work done pre-cat but these are giving issues again and blowing badly

    I've still got a shudder when I steer right, but it's 90% reduced now I've done the nsf shaft.

    The alloys are awful, but I have the proper alloys to go on, they just need refurbishment and tyres.

    I've discovered I've got a broken front turbo compressor housing where the Y pipe bolts on. But I have spares to go on.

    The boost controller doesn't work, nor does the turbo timer. I've not really looked into why they don't work as I've been enjoying it too much

    She's a bit rough round the edges, bit of damage to NS sideskirt and passenger door, bumpers have taken a few knocks. There's residue on the tailgate where someone put a transformers badge but has since been removed.
    The channels next to the roof rails were full of gunk and greenery as was the hinge area of the tailgate and bonnet hinges

    But it did come with an aftermarket fancy touchscreen headunit. Subwoofer and amplifier with door speaker upgrades - so the audio is decent at least ha ha

    And now, onto the obligatory pictures

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    Very nice, looks full leather too! Bargain!

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