Hi all,

Iím not sure if itís known about or not, but I thought Iíd mention that I found a load of parts (suspension mainly was what I was looking at.. struts, shocks, they have what looks like the right track control arms and some front end kits which look right) on RockAuto which I think work with the Legnum.

I use/used RockAuto in the past for various classic American cars. Theyíre usually well priced and shipping is fast.

I know theyíre US-based, and the exchange rate plus shipping and duties isnít ideal, but their prices are usually very cheap, and itís another place to find parts which has to be a good thing! Wish Iíd gone here before I started my suspension replacements.


Anyway, hopefully this is helpful to somebody. They ship worldwide so maybe the Kiwis and Aussies will find it useful too!