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Thread: Newbie - any guidance recommended!

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    Newbie - any guidance recommended!

    HI All,

    I have had my Galant VR4 for around 20 years! However, it has been out of action for about 2 years. I stopped driving it as it had a water leak near the bottom on the engine bay (not the radiator) and now i would like to get it fixed and driveable again.

    Couple of queries for the forum:
    1) What are the best steps to get the car started again after such a long downtime?
    2) Any theories on what the water leak is - i suspect a water pump leak but not sure?
    3) Anyone know where i can source an original radiator - you cant seem to buy replacement ones from Mitsuibishi anymore.

    Thanks, look forward to some expert responses!

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    If the leak was on the driver's side, roughly below the belts, then it's almost certainly the water pump. If that needs doing, and also given the downtime, then you should change the cambelt too - it needs to come off anyway. Full service and change of all the oils/fluids/belts/plugs might as well be done too.

    You can use radiators that fit most 8G Galants. If you have an auto, you should get one that has the cooling loop for the autobox. It's the more common radiator, so if you have a manual, but can only find an auto radiator, it can be used fine, you just don't connect the coolant barbs on the radiator to anything. Most 8G rad cores are 25ish mm thick. I think the 1.8 GDI ones are 18mm thick - they'll still physically fit, but you'll have less cooling capacity. You can upgrade to an aftermarket aluminium radiator, but a pattern part one is usually fine and pretty good value. This appears to be a suitable example:
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