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    Smile Hi from california

    Hi i?m going to look at a 1997 galant vr4 type S in a moment with 70,000km and from the photos it looks to be in good condition i?m bringing some friends with me to help me look it over since this is my first time buying a car. he?s asking 10,000USD for it so i?m just looking for guidance on whether or not it?s worth the money he?s asking for it. i?ll probably post something once i?ve gotten it. also it?s not registered in the state of California so that?s gonna cost me too

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    Hi and welcome to the best place for VR-4 information!

    There's not many of us who know the US market, and prices, so we probably can't guide you on whether it's "worth" the money or not!

    I would say buy on condition, especially bodywork/rust (if that's a thing where you are, it certainly is here in the UK!).

    Personally, I think the perfect VR-4 is automatic gearbox, with AYC, but others will argue heavily with me on that!

    Be sure that there's no fault codes stored - take a paperclip with you and perform a flashy dash on it, and make sure that all the bulbs light up and flash - if it should have, for example, AYC, and the AYC light doesn't flash, this potentially means they've taken a bulb out to hide a fault. Any reasonable seller won't mind you performing this check - if they object or try to stop you doing it, then I would suggest you walk away, because what else are they hiding?

    From your final comment, I take it that you live in California - these are old cars, which might not meet the strict emissions regulations I understand they have in California - be sure to check that you can register it legally before you even consider buying it - the last thing we'd want is you having a lovely car that you can't use because of local laws!

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