Club VR-4 can take no responsibility for the accuracy of any advert or the reliability of the seller, nor are we responsible for any transactions between members and/or registered users of the forum.

When dealing with a forum user please treat it no differently from buying from your local small-ads. Club VR-4 can offer no guarantee regarding any "For Sale" or "Wanted" advert on the site, and no guarantee regarding any registered users or fully paid-up members.

If the person who has placed the advert is not known to you, is a new member/user, or you are a new member/user yourself, then we strongly suggest that before agreeing to buy something you perform a Search by User Name to check out the seller's past history. It may also be worth checking their reputation ("Rep") level on the forum. This will not guarantee a trouble-free purchase but should assist you in making an informed decision about who to buy from or sell to.

Remember that any buying or selling you do with Club VR-4 members or registered users is entirely at your own risk.