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Thread: Billet Adjustable Cam Gears

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    Billet Adjustable Cam Gears

    Long time no post as all of my posting lives over on OZVR4 these days but figured you guys will be intrested in this.

    Ive developed a true made to fit cam gear for the 6A13TT

    Pictured is the prototype before anodizing. After anodising the centers bronze and the outers black. It has provisions for the OEM cam trigger plate to bolt on on the stock position, as the likes of the works engineering gears have the trigger plate mounting and the timing parks drasticly in the wrong place

    The price is looking to be between 900 and 1000nzd for a full set of 4. And includes 8mm 12pt stainless steel fasteners for the adjustment bolts

    20221029_170557.jpg 20221029_170622.jpg

    20221029_170618.jpg 20221029_171432.jpg

    20221029_171444.jpg 20221029_171449.jpg
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